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Oh yes.....
Before I used to eat fast food 4-5 times a week, sometimes even twice a day. That's all I craved. Giving it up was hard but now a days when my bf asks me to pick up something when I go over almost NOTHING appeals to me. McD, BK, taco bell, Jack, ugh it all sounds so gross. The only things I will crave from time to time is Wendy's chili or nuggets but that's about it. Yesterday I had a cheat day and got a KFC famous bowl and Mac and cheese along with Jack in the Box stuffed jalapeņos. Let's just say I'm feeling way way gross now and I regret eating all that :/ even potato chips and soda grosses me out 9/10 times. Yeah pizza still tastes amazing but if I eat more than 2 slices I feel so gross
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Greasy fast food makes me end up in the bathroom.
One of my first cheats when I hit 175 was I wanted to go to olive garden. I could barely eat anything, was waaaaay too rich for my stomach to handle anymore
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Let's do this!
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It's not even how it makes me feel (awful); but it is just such poor quality to begin with. I was out of town and with a friend who stopped at a drive-thru. I got a jr. cheeseburger and couldn't even eat it. It just looked like it had been pulled from a dumpster. Every couple of years I'll get fast food amnesia, but I'm quickly reminded why (duh), I don't eat fast food.

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Im sure I'm in the minority here, but I still LOVE fast food. If I could eat it every day, I probably would. Knowing how unhealthy many of the choices are I abstain, but yeah I love burgers and fries LOL

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I wish! Anyone ever had a Doener Kebab? There's a place in our town that make them, and I could never get sick of them! Granted, the meat is cooked on a spit, so it probably isn't as bad as in a burger, as the fat drips off. Or Pizza? Mmmmm!

Now after the Phase 1 of SBD is finished, I am curious what my reaction might be to eating something sweet. Maybe I even will be turned off from greasy foods, you never know! But I did have a bad pizza craving yesterday, so I doubt it.
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Burgers and fries don't have to be fast food and unhealthy though. The best burgers are the ones we make at home from deer meat, cooked on the BBQ. I love mine with pesto, feta cheese, spinach, red peppers, onions and tomatoes, on a homemade bun! And baked, spiced fries are delicious!
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It really depends for me. My body is strange when it comes to what food it will and will not accept. Hostess cupcakes will make me vomit. Burgers will make me nauseous for HOURS (But that's always happened.. except McDonald's). I recently threw up from the grease in a pasta dish. But I can eat pizza, fries, ice cream, etc. and not have an issue.

Kinda wish I had an issue with all of it.

I'm a fan of McDonald's but since I've been eating better instead of always being happy with my food, now sometimes I'll think it's bland. Or too salty. Or gross. Or juuuust right. But when it's just right I love it. Starting not to be worth the gamble, though.
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It doesn't exactly taste bad to me now...but I certainly don't enjoy it as much as I used to.
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I used to have maybe 1 or 2 takeaways or fast food meals a week before I started losing weight. Went to KFC a few weeks back (only fast food I've eaten for two months) and wow it was disappointing. It filled a hole, but wasn't a satisfying meal at all.

I'm hoping it will be like this with all fast food. I don't really miss it to be honest. I prefer a good sandwich or salad if I'm out and about.
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I'm not exactly sick of fast food, I just don't crave it as often anymore since I've been eating healthier. About a month ago, I'd usually wake up to plan my meal at some fast food restaurant, but now, I even forget to eat sometimes. Idk, the craving is just not there anymore. I quit drinking soda and now whenever I have any, my stomach gets really upset. So all I drink is water now, I actually crave water!
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I get pretty sick if I try to eat Wendy's now.
Haven't tried any other places in a while other than burger king.
I got funny looks/suggestions when I ordered the smallest kids meal on their board. It was very filling.
I'd rather just make the food at home. I enjoy cooking..and being able to control what goes into it.

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I haven't really ate any fast food since I started eating better (except wendys but i got a side salad and a baked potato.. so that doesnt really count).. but i did have some bacon, and it tasted good!.. but felt so sick afterwards! i have been through the drive through a couple of times, but nothing looked good or worth it!

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The way they prepare fast food in itself makes me stay away. It is disgusting. Fast food is dirty food.
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Originally Posted by LeilaJey View Post

Oh actually I still crave Chinese food and I ate some on Sunday but the greasiness really got to me too. I was enjoying eating it but my body didn't feel great. Fried noodles are a weakness for me.
Exactely my Problem! I have cravings and it tastes soo good. Until an hour or less later when I have a major headache and my stomach has turned against me. But never seems bad enough to keep me from eating it again. I have the same problem with Mexican food.
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I never had a big addiction to fast food or anything, but I do like the occasionally takeaway or McDonalds. My mum has always said to me "Everything in moderation" So if you have a McDonalds once every 3 or 4 weeks, I honestly believe it's not going to make a huge difference. Obviously eating these types of meals more regularly will cause more problems for your health than just weight issues. I'm going shopping next Friday and I'll probably have a McDonalds. It will be my first one in God knows how long and I will more than likely enjoy it still!

Unfortunately I do enjoy fast food and I will get cravings for it as well as sweets and chocolate and cakes. But I slowly teaching myself that I can't have it all the time I want it. I'm not going to lie, it's difficult for me because of my enjoyment for fast food and sweet things. But I'm getting there! I think though I will still always have fast food, even on this journey, but it won't be a regular thing. Every couple of weeks as a sort of treat.
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