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YES, and I loved it! I had NEVER been a runner - and boy, week 1 was even tough - but now I really enjoy running! I'm still not the greatest (sometimes have to take a bit of a breather to walk), but I'm doing an 8k this weekend and have my eye on a 10k in a few months!

A piece of advice: don't be afraid to repeat a week if you think you need to! Also, the iphone/ipod app is GREAT.
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Yes. I started two times before this time ad didn't get past week 3. I kind of started doing my own thing after that point. But now? I did w9d2 tonight. I can run over 2 miles straight. Slow is the key. When I started I would walk at 2.5 mph and run at 3.5. I am now 3.3 and 4.2-4.4 most of the time. Get the time down and the speed will come later.

I am looking at different programs now to keep me going. I have no interest in running longer than 30 mins, but I would like to get faster and have a program to follow to keep my interest up.
Lost 135 lb in 2011-2012. Yo-yo since then & back to recommit!
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I just started it! W1D3 so far so good, not to hard but it is only the first week! Hope you make it through and enjoy it!
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This is technically my third time doing the program. I completed the program last summer, re-started at the start of the new year, got bronchitis and started again.

I've added a few days here and there, like one to Week 2. I just started week 3, but couldn't finish. I'll probably repeat the week.
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I'm on wk 2 and only doing 1.35 miles in 30 minutes. I'm walking at a 2.6 and running at a 3.2 to 3.5 I'm NOT going to push so hard it kills me lol I imagine I'll eventually get to where I can bump that speed up. but i'm not risking injusy as a beginner.
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hey chickies! this is also my third attempt lol.

I did W1D1 on sunday. I am hoping to do W1D2 either today, or tomorrow! (probably tomorrow).

Let's keep each other updated!
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i feel ya hun! i have started my own running program. i do 1.5 miles a day right now and can run straight for about .5miles and then i swear im gonna die. but everyday it gets a bit better.

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I started running, I am doing my own way though.
I ran 500 ft 2 times today.
From tomorrow 17 day diet 1 st cycle.
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I did it about a year ago, to train for a 5k. Due to weather the 5k was cancelled, and my couple of times running on concrete (around the block) gave me EXTREMELY painful shin splints to where I was limping even at a slow walk for the next two weeks. So... I stopped. I want to start up again, so bad. I really do love it... Once I get into it. Most definitely don't love the first two weeks.
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Height: 5'6


I completed it last May and LOVED it! I was amazed that I could actually run for 3 miles straight! I fell off the running wagon a few months later and feel like dying after a mile now. I'm restarting C25K next week.
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