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I have the same issue with some things. When I added some foods back to my diet, I ended up dropping some of them because I realized that they didn't actually taste very good, like a lot of cheap grocery store sweets such as Little Debbies. I'd rather drop some money for something high quality and delicious.

But yeah, there were definitely other foods that I still liked to eat, but I dropped because they upset my stomach or gave me a headache. I've taken to just giving things a try, and if I feel like crap later I stop eating them. Its also not really consistent, like I've had biscuits made one way and was fine but from another place felt like crap. So I sometimes still eat the first type, but dropped the second. Greasy foods are normally my biggest issue. I'm pretty conservative with the oils I use to cook with, but I try to remember the restaurants that use too much when I'm going out so I don't end up sick.

Portion size can also have an effect, especially with sweets. We have a really great homemade ice cream place here that I still have occasionally. Its the only ice cream I eat now, since the store bought stuff either taste mediocre or makes me feel bad, and normally I'm completely fine after eating it. Once, though, I got an extra scoop and got a headache and felt really drowsy later, so I just stick with a small now.
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Originally Posted by pavvie View Post
The scientist in me likes this article from Lyle McDonald: http://www.bodyrecomposition.com/fat...iet-break.html

I've done this before and have (more or less) maintained my weight during breaks. My weight-loss overall has not been super fast, but it has been very very maintainable for me.
I love this idea, and it actually seems to be very close to something I did (successfully) the last time I lost a significant amount of weight. I would allow myself to eat without counting calories on vacations and breaks from school, which came every 8-12 weeks, and I kept losing weight steadily throughout that period of time. However, I don't think I had the proper attitude for it--I viewed it as a small period of failure rather than a necessary way to keep my metabolism churning--and as a result, I never really learned how to find a medium between being on a diet and binging recklessly.

Now I'm thinking about taking a 10-14 day maintaining "diet break" every time I hit a certain number (say, every 10lbs), or after I reach each of my smaller goals. I'd still count calories and still exercise, but I'd get to be a little junky for a while and practice for maintenance, which I still think is the hardest part of weight loss.

I've lost 30+lbs 3-4 times. I've never maintained.

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Originally Posted by MiZTaCCen View Post
The first time around when I start all of this, I noticed my stomach didn't react well to certain foods I used to eat. This time around I haven't really cut a lot of the old stuff out, I just portion size it so doesn't affect me much when I eat something crappy, but I do notice it if I stuff my self with it more than I would have as a "fatty" lol
This happened to me this weekend. I moved up my cheat day to Saturday. I had possibly the worst migraine I've ever had. Not to mention nausea. To be fair, I probably over did it but not long ago, that was a standard Saturday. Yikes.
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