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Default Is anyone else having this problem when they weigh in???

I usually weigh in once a week on Sunday mornings, but it seems like every time I weigh myself whether i do great & lose lbs or do bad & don't lose anything, i tend to cheat & overeat the day of my weigh in.

For example last week I weighed in lost 1 lbs, binged that day bc I was disappointed (had to be the reason) This week , yesterday when I weighed myself I lost 5lbs the whole week & binged yesterday too, not completely crazy but had things I shouldn't have and ate 1000 cals over then I normally would. Why is it that I'm doing this???!? I need to stop b/c If I don't I will just be maintaining my weight instead of losing or even possibly gain and it also messes with my mental mindset.

I'm thinking of doing a 6 week challenge & not weigh myself for 6 weeks just so I don't cheat everything I weigh in but continue to do what I know works, and see where I'm at in 6 weeks. How does that sound? I was watching Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition & the trainer Chris wouldn't let them see how much they lost till their 3 months was up, bc he said he wants them to just focus on the nutrition & exercise part. Which that's a pretty good idea.

SO i think me not weighing for 6 weeks will be beneficial for me.

Any words of encouragement or advice?

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Yes, I find myself eating extra on weigh-in day because I know I don't have to count my weigh-in until the next week. However, this time I've been weighing myself daily and keeping a food journal and writing down my daily weight. I think this makes me more conscious of my weight and keeps me from overeating too bad on weigh-in day.

"Being fat is hard. Losing is hard. Maintaining is hard. Choose your hard."

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this happens to me too. Its like weighing in a lower weight gives you permission to splurge bc " ur doing well and it cant hurt" but this mindset can easily undo any progress you make over and over and over. I dont think I could stay away from the scale for 6 weeks or longer but it definitely makes sense to me to try.
" Commitment is doing the thing you said you would do long after the mood you said it in has left you." --Unknown

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I use to only weigh myself once a week but I found that I tended to be bad on weigh day to so now I am weighing myself everyday, and counting my calories everyday.
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Oh, yes, I've done this too. If the scale is down, I'm proud of myself so it won't hurt me to cheat...so I guess I kinda look at it as my reward and I know food shouldn't be a reward. If the scale is up, it makes me sad and I think, oh well, I've gained anyway why not eat what I want just this one time.

I've never tried not weighing for 6 weeks, but the last time I found myself getting in the pattern of eating after a good weigh-in, I decided to stop weighing myself every week and start weighing myself every 3 weeks. The first 3 weeks (ish---I went a couple days over til after TOM was gone), I saw a 15 lb loss! What a rush! I loved seeing that big of a jump! So I tried it again and this time I was only down 3 lbs (partly water weight from PMS) which pissed me off cause I'd worked hard. Now I'm weighing every day for a little while, just to determine what kind of cycle my body is on and how much I gain/lose throughout different times of the month.

Anyways, I'd suggest giving it a try. You can always reward yourself (without food!) along the way for staying on plan or exercising for a whole week or whatever.

Good luck! Keep us posted!
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Just to be clear...I meant give the no weighing thing a try...
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I weigh every day so I can't binge!

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"You have failed only when you quit trying. Until then, you're still in the act of progression. So, never quit trying and you'll never be a failure."
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I also cheat on weigh-in day and the day afterwards (Friday and Saturday).

BUT -- I am forcing myself to log everything I eat so at least I am holding myself accountable. Prior to this, I was the queen of avoidance regarding my eating splurges.

I've of the opinion that it's okay for me to overeat occasionally. I have to give myself enough freedom so that I don't feel restricted. When I feel restricted, I eventually give in and give up. I've been down that road before, and I don't intend on going there ever again. This time, it's all about balance.

I do think it's a good idea to weigh every day if your goal is to avoid overeating or binging altogether. Sounds like a good deterrent!!
~ Jess ~

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Small steps!!!

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I want to cheat more on weigh day than any other day of the week. Mostly because I've been able to let out this huge sigh of relief that, yes, all that hard work paid off, and I want to treat myself.

But I've only indulged this desire once, and I ended up having a burger the day after weigh day. Because on the one hand I tell myself I deserve it, but on the other hand, I think All that hard work, and you're going to jeopardize it for junk food? Usually that little voice keeps me in check.
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Maybe think of some awesome reward that you can have on weigh day that is not food related. For every pound you lost put a dollar or whatever you can afford in a jar to save up for a sweet vacation, or a new outfit.

Or take a break from household chores for the day and get out of the house to do something fun (that doesn't include eating out). Go on a hike or something.

I have struggled with this too... currently I'm doing okay but it's been my past failure, where I'll get to a certain weight and then celebrate by eating junk which leads to the downward spiral of falling of plan for several days, weeks, months... ick.
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If weigh-ins are your problem, it totally makes sense to have fewer weigh-ins.

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