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Default Success! only 1.5 lbs.. but I'll take it!

I started my diet/exercise regime 6 days ago. Eating 1300 calories a day of high protein, veggies, fruits, and lots of yummy salads and egg white omlettes! On top of that I've worked out everyday other than Sunday for 1 hour at a time. The first few days I was sore, and didn't feel like I was making progress. Last night I worked out a lot of frustrations and ran 3 miles in 37 minutes! Which I was very proud of because a week ago I was running 2 miles in 30 minutes! I weighed myself today and I was 161.0!! When I started my diet/exercise I was 162.6!

Any tips on how to stay positive, and keep on going!? What do you eat/ do for exericse!!
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Hi Brittanylynne1421! Sounds like you are off to a great start! 1.6 lbs in 6 days is actually really great! Running is such a great way to get your cardio in and to also give you a wonderful sense of accomplishment. I would say that in order to keep on the way you have started is to realize that this is a life long journey, not something you are "just doing" until you get to your desired weight. It is essential for healthy eating and daily exercise to become a part of your lifestyle and not just something to shed fat. I think that is where many people "fall of the wagon" and gain back and then have to start over. The sooner you change this into your new life, the easier it will be to maintain and keep healthy! Also seriously having support is the most important thing, and 3FC has been great for that for me! Being held accountable is also really helpful, if only you know that you want to work out 5x a week then you might be tempted to skip a day to do something else. So make sure you keep that up. It sounds like you have a good exercise regime going right now, but there are a lot of options there too! I am doing Insanity right now which has been AMAZING! Think Boot Camp on crack lol! I am a runner (just had a baby and ran my last half marathon 2 months preggo) and this is WAY harder than any run I have ever done I swear! Boot camps, cycling classes, home DVDs are all great ways to give you more fun and interesting things to do for workouts! Keep up the hard work and stay positive and keep posting, you will meet your goal...GOOD LUCK!

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One for every 5 lbs. lost!!!!!
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Great news Brittany! Studies show that slow, steady weight loss of 1-2 pounds per week produce lasting results! You are going at a great pace and you are taking charge of your health before things got out of control. I let myself get well over 200 pounds before I realized that I didn't want to huff and puff going upstairs, or drive around parking lots for 20 minutes so I could get a spot closer to the doors. Persistence and dedication are key, and if you stick to it, you will lose the weight in no time. Those 2 pounds a week add up so fast, and the end result will be worth it a million times over! Best of luck on your venture!
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Awesome job! You're definitely going about dieting the healthy way, and that's fantastic. In the long run, gradual weight loss is much better than fad methods; keep up with the cardio and the balanced meals and your weight loss will keep on coming!

I personally stay motivated by posting my goal in HUGE letters and looking at it constantly. I also like to keep track of my measurements and weight on my computer desktop so I can feel proud of my accomplishments so far. I'm currently on Dukan, but it's really restrictive, and I don't see myself following it long-term. Once I exhaust my protein supply, I'm switching to portion control and regular exercise.

Best of luck on reaching your weight loss goal!
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For me, the most important thing is to never give up. There will be days when the scale won't say what you want it to say, but you can't stop, because if you push through, you WILL keep losing.

Congrats on your success!
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