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Chasing 140!
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Default I will be the hottest bridesmaid!

I'm back!!! My friend just got engaged and she set the date! I have 360 days to lose 20pounds. This morning I weighed in at 159.6pounds, meaning my goal weight would be 139.6pounds. So lets do it! Time to eat right and exercise more often.

Next Monday I will be joining a 6week bootcamp with my friend, and I have started to go back to the gym. Now I just need to get food under control- meaning no late night sweet tooth cravings and eating more fruits and veggies. I bought a blender this weekend and started making smoothies for breakfast...yum. Today I had a smoothie with 3strawberries, 2 pineapple pieces, 1tablespoon of vanilla yogurt (unprocessed), with some pineapple juice.

I made a blog journey on this website a few weeks ago, i need to figure out how to use it. haha. Any suggestions???
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I've been telling my bf that I want a blender or Jack Lalanne's Juicer so I can make smoothies too -- it seems like it'd be the easiest way to get my fruits/veggie servings in a day.

20 Pounds will be a piece of cake in a year. Just have to constantly focus on the end result and remember that that piece of cake isn't worth the way you're going to look in your bridesmaid gown.

Good luck!

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20 pounds is totally do-able!! Sounds like you're off to a fantastic start. Good luck!
My Weight Loss Journey

"I'm not losing weight, I'm getting rid of it. I have no intention of every finding it again!"
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Fighting to be Fit
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What a great goal! You can do it!
GOAL: To weigh 128lbs by my wedding day 10/11/12!

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Totally do-able!! Mine is 50 in 11 months for my bestie's wedding. I've got 5 months till we order dresses and I'd love to be half way there by then. Good luck!!!

One for every 5 pounds lost:

Mini Goals: 185 by September 10th=Manicure
175 by November 5th=Pedicure
165 by December 31st =Massage
155 by February 25th=New hair color/cut.
GOAL by April 21st=New dress/work clothes!

MAINTAIN for my best friend's wedding: 6/9/12!!
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Taking a break from 3FC
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I'm trying to lose 1 pound a week up until 27th May, so I think 20 lbs in 1 year is completely do-able! Sounds like you've got the diet in mind, have you considered what exercise you're going to be doing? Eating right and exercising at least 3 time a week will get those pounds shredded off you in no time! You'll probably lose more than 20 pounds!
Taking a break from 3FC, thanks guys!

Goal 1: Halfway point to borderline Overweight/Healthy BMI~ 165 lbs
Goal 2: Weight when I was 17 ~ 159 lbs
Goal 3: Borderline Overweight/Healthy BMI ~ 150 lbs
Goal 4: Lightest weight ever! ~ 148 lbs
Goal 5: Lighter than Boyfriend ~ 145 lbs
Goal 6: Halfway point to Healthy BMI ~ 140 lbs
Final Goal: Midpoint of healthy BMI range (21.6) ~ 130 lbs
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Every pound is a victory
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You can do it! Best of luck
New goal: Be a healthy-eating, trim and FIT beast at the gym! 140ish pounds, but the focus is on looking and feeling good--HEALTH!!!

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Good luck and have fun
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Cuddly Veg*n
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That is totally doable! Best of luck.
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You can do it! I have a friend getting married in January and I am so happy to have a big event for a goal. I really want to look amazing since we'll be seeing a lot of old friends there!
First Mini Goal, 168 by My Birthday! Aug 18th

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You can totally do it! I had the same start weight as you and my goal was to lose 20 lbs before I was in a wedding at the first of July. I started March 1st and I was exactly 139 on the day of her wedding! It was awesome because I had ordered my bridesmaid dress at my heavy weight and when it came it I had to order another smaller size and then that dress was even too big on the day!! You can totally do that in a year no problem

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I echo everyone else; you can do it keep your eye on the prize!

Living is the rarest thing of all; most people just exist.
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20 pounds in a year is VERY doable.

I just read this month's Glamour and laughed at the "Hey it's OK" section. One of the points was.
-to pretend you're getting in shape for your wedding even when there's no ring on your finger. Really, whatever motivates you.

I wanted to be 173 for a wedding I'm attending on 8/20. I'm currently at 198-199 and it probably won't happen. Still I'll solidly be inside the range of what I weighed in college. It's a victory to at least not be heavier than when everyone saw me last.
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"If it's important to you, you will find a way, if not, you’ll find an excuse." - Unknown
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