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Height: 5'7

Smile How are you losing weight and what are your goals?!

Hey Girls!

I am new to the website and was wondering.. what is everyone doing to lose weight? What are your goals? Do you have any rewards for yourself?

I have been doing the South Beach diet and working out at least 4 times a week. I've lost about 15 pounds since August and have 20 to go. My short term goal is 175 since I haven't seen that number in a couple years. I am very excited to break out of the 180s!! I joined the website so that I could stay motivated now that I have shared some of my progress I am a little more accountable

For reference.. I am 22. My starting weight was 196. Current 181. I am 5'7.
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Hi Kiki!
I am calorie counting at the moment. Although I'm thinking trying of weight watchers or SBD. But, for now I'm ok with good ol' calorie counting. My goal is 140 (~20 more to go!). It's been probably 4 years since I've seen that weight..so my goal weight might be less, not sure yet. I remember being ~140-145 and feeling and looking really good. I was wearing a 6 and felt great really! When I reach my goal weight my reward is to donate/pitch my old "fat" clothes and buy new "thin" clothes!!

Congrats on your WL thus far!

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sounds great! the south beach diet is pure awesome ness. I have done it before. But now im trying the Atkins diet. But with my own little touches. i always find it better to tweak the program to your own personal needs. Working out 2wice a week for 2+ hours.

starting W : 200 Current : 188 I am 5'8

Welcome to the club
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Working it out!
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Kiki Welcome to the boards and congratulations on your weight loss thus far!

For me, I am just limiting my caloric intake from 1400-1600, I change it up weekly. I do not write things down but I think as I get closer to my goal I may start. I dont want to count for the rest of my life so I'm trying it both ways =)

I started in August too! Love those August starters. I also do boot camp anywhere from 4-5x a week (a str8 hour each class)depending on the week.

For rewards, every 4 weeks if I went to boot camp faithfully I go out and have a turkey burger and french fries haha. I love that reward =)

My goal is 140 ultimately, BUT I won't know for sure if I will go lower then that until I see how 140 looks on me. I can't even remember the last time I was that size...(maybe High school? Maybe college when I lost a lot of weight really fast because of a bad breakup?) I was never big on weighing myself...it is more about me being healthy more than anything.

I've noticed that working out tightens me up more than anything and most of my friends think I've lost more than I actually have because of it. I'm actually getting a behind! Something I don't think I've EVER had =)

I wish you much luck and success in your journey!
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5th Goal - 125-130 (maintenance) - ??

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skinny dreams
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Height: 5'3


Hi im new here aswell im currently calorie counting 1200 cals a day and exercising 30 minutes each day im rewarding myself with a new top, shoes,lipstick etc just something i like once in a while

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I am counting calories..I am down to 1650 calories per day...and losing weight real slow.
I lost 20 lbs since June.

Now I am starting on the next 20.
I hope to get down to 175.
Then maybe go down to 135.
It will take awhile, but I am on my way.

I get discouraged once in a while and think I am not making any progress.
So I go over my notes I keep ... on changes I see in my body, to renew my confidence.

I watch the videos of Ruby Gettinger on the net. She inspires me as well as the losers on the Joy Fit Club.
Although I have never been as heavy as Ruby is now, she is still a great inspiration to me.
And the Before/After pictures on this site motivate me also.

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Height: 5'6"


Hi and welcome! I'm new to this board as well.

I started out at 340lbs in January of 2010. My health was on the line. My doctor said my blood pressure was too high and that I needed to lose weight immediately. I realized that it was time to act on this. So I cut out meat, salty foods and sugary foods. I lost 20lbs between January and February. I took a break from March to June because I left my husband in February and things were to stressful to focus on a diet. I didn't gain any weight but I wasn't trying to actively lose any either. Then from June to now I've lost another 40lbs. I am now 280. I became a vegan in September. I've mostly lost this 60lbs on just diet. I'm starting to make exercise an important part of this now because it seems I've stalled on the weight loss.

My goals are this:

Mini-goal 1: Reach 246- be out of the "morbid obesity" category.
Mini-goal 2: Reach 199.
Mini-goal 3: Reach 175- weight I was in Jr. high.
Final goal: Reach 150- no longer considered "overweight" at 154.

I am 26 years old and 5'6".

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S/C/G: 210/180/165 lbs 95/82/75 kgs

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I am losing with diet meal delivery on a 1,500 calorie plan.

My goal is to be under 75 kg and maintain my weight in the 70s for life.

I want to make new habits a part of my routine and move on from weight obsession, be healthy mentally, accept my shape and body, and shop at normal stores.

I really want to find boots that fit easily but my calves are notoriously difficult to slim out!

I looove stalking the maintenance subforum here, it is SO inspiring for me. A non-scale goal for me is to have lost the weight and be able to post in there as a chick in maintenance.

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hey hi, welcome! whereabouts in Canada are you from? i'm from montreal, but i live in Japan now!

i'm calorie counting like the rest of them (or more like calorie aproximating cuz i don't always write it all down ) and i've lost 17 lbs since july. i'm kinda on a plateau right now and it's making me cranky, haha.

i don't like exercise either but a lot of people on here have suggested doing the 30 Day Shred dvd, so i started doing that. i quite like it cuz it's only about 20 minutes and i can tell myself "it'll be over soon!!!", haha. also i like jillian

my scale here's in kgs though and i'm aiming for 76.5 (which is like 167lbs) for christmas, since it would make my total weightloss 10 kilos. it's sooooo much harder than it seemed at first cuz my scale has been swinging aound 78.6 kg for the last 3 WEEKS!!! grrr... but i'll get there. i'm not giving up.

the girls on here are all really nice, and a good source of motivation!

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Hi, Im new too! Im doing calorie counting this time around, I have tried Jenny Craig though had sucess but couldnt maintain off the program. So I'm limiting myself to 1400 calories on off workout days and 1600 calories on workout days. Workouts are usually and hour to an hour and half so I find 1400 calories is just too little those days. I'm working with a personal trainer which so far I am loving.
My total goal is to lose 15lbs. I am down 3lbs in a little less than 2 weeks so I am heading in the right direction.
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Height: 5'4"



I started March 2010 at 191 lbs with South Beach (I am quite the fan!) I lost around 32 pounds between March and November. I gradually increased my level of excercise, I started out with none (just chasing around my then8 month old) and then in July i started Jazzercise 2 nights per week, I am now up to 6 days per week with occassionally 7 work outs (6 days of P90X, 1 jazzercise class and Sunday is a rest day.) Tomorrow is my last day of the first phase of P90X (Yay!) I just recently switch to calorie counting, for a few different reasons:
1. I wanted to mix things up a little, have some more food options available.
2. With the increased excercise, I wanted to make sure that i was getting enough calories. I think I hovered around 1000-1200 most days on SB and that is just not enough with the workouts that I am doing.
3. I wanted to make sure that I wasn't taking in too many calories. (Mainly when eating out.)

Good luck on your journey! The girls here are great!

Lost 46 pounds from 3/1/2010 to 3/1/2011. Attempting to lose 10-15 more starting 1/2/2013.
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S/C/G: highest 191/ticker/135

Height: 5'4"


I also forgot to mention, that I strive to keep my calorie intake made up of an equal percentage of carbs, protein and fats. (I shoot for 33% of each.)

Lost 46 pounds from 3/1/2010 to 3/1/2011. Attempting to lose 10-15 more starting 1/2/2013.
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what is everyone doing to lose weight?

I don't know about everyone, , but I am doing Weight Watchers. I plan on going back to meetings and learning about the new program at the end of the month, so that will be a big change. (Free fruit! Wooohoo! Lots of bananas, watermelon, kiwis, and granny smith apple slices, here I come!)

What are your goals?

Currently, my next goal is to get to "Normal" weight at 178.9 lbs. Then drift into the 170-160 range that my doctor mentioned off hand on my last visit when he nearly rolled his eyes at my current progress (just follow portion sizes he says, if it was that easy I wouldn't be needing a "plan" doctor!).

Other than that, my goal is to be happy with me (physically, mentally, and silly!).

Do you have any rewards for yourself?

I've hit 60 pounds lost, and just chopped off and highlighted my hair, got rid of all my old clothes and bought new ones to hold me over until I need smaller sizes. My next step is to get rid of my stretched out glasses (they fall off if I look down too long), and get a few cheap pairs that make me happy.

My next reward is to take myself and my sister to the Warrior Dash 5k in late January and go sky diving when I get into the "normal" BMI, which I plan to be sometime this summer. I had to change the sky diving goal when I met it the last time, because it is too cold to go right now!!!

I'm 25 (quarter of a century, ) at 5'11".
Starting weight was officially 256.6 (Highest was probably about 265).
Currently: 195.6.
To wOnderland with my crazy self!
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Height: 5'8"


As a newbie myself, I want to say thanks for posting this! It's a great thread, lots of good ideas!
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Welcome Newbies!!

To lose weight, right now, I am counting my calories, I eat about 1800 everyday I might go over sometimes but its only by a couple. I exercise for an hour, and it's not crazy exercising just a little walking/jogging and do squats, lunges, and sit-ups.

My goals are of course to lose weight but I also want to be healthy, I want a healthy BMI, and a healthy fat % but here are my goals in numbers:

Goal #1 - 260
Goal #2 - 230
Goal #3 - 200
Goal #4 - 170
Goal #5 - 140

Those are my ultimate goals with little pit stop goals inbetween, for example I really wanted to get out of the 290s and since I did, I get to go to california for christmas. I just make sure to reward myself when I meet my Goals no matter how small they are.

I have been doing well so far I have lost 8.5 pounds since I've been on here, that is the most weight I have ever lost! lol without it coming back the next day and I really want to keep it that way.

Good luck with your journeys!!
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