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Chubby Chick
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Red face Embarrassed to go to the gym

Well I'm finally going to sign up to a gym. I'm starting sometime this week. I've been putting it off forever but I have come to the conclusion I need some professional help when it comes to exercise and I think going to gym will motivate to actually finish full workouts instead of only doing 10 or 15 minutes when I should be doing at least 30 minutes.
Well anyway the reason the why I have put off going to the gym for so long was because I feel embarrassed to go because of my size. Most of the people I know who attend gyms are either slight overweight or normal weight. All of my obese friends go walking or either exercise at home like me.

I mean I know that there are obese people that go to gyms and all but I just feel like if I go people will give me funny looks or something.

Have any of you ever felt like this? If so how did you get over this fear of going to the gym?
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I just recently joined an all women's gym. That helped me. No guys there. When I take classes I just try to focus on the instructor and not the jiggle of my inner thighs. I think after a few more times, you will probably feel more comfortable. Hang in there and definitely keep going!
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As long as you avoid "meat market" type gyms, most people will be way more focused on what they are doing than looking at other people. I work out with a trainer and that has helped a lot. If I don't like the way I look doing something, I just focus on a spot in the mirror and avoid looking at my whole body.

You'll feel great after you go... it really makes me feel stronger and more in shape.

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I work out at my YMCA, and started when I was 302lbs - and I'm sure I wasn't the biggest one there. Besides - don't worry about the other people!
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I felt that way when I started too. And I always compared myself to the smaller looking people there. But my trainer and I were talking about that during my first session and she pointed out something that I never thought of before. Those stick figures running for their lives on the treadmill might be battling high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, you name it, just like I was (am) battling my weight. I guess she would know, since she was a trainer and she was privy to some of their reasons for being at the gym.

This one has hit me more recently though. Maybe they started somewhere where I was, and they got to looking that way by doing what I did--going to the gym despite feeling like they didn't fit in. And now they are trim healthy people and that's what's going to happen to me too!

And I just bring my ipod and set a book on the ledge of the elliptical screen and ignore everyone anyway.

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In love with...THE GYM!!
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I have been terrified of the gym all my life. My dad bought a family Y membership ($400+, sorry, dad) when we were teens and you know how many times I used that thing? Zero.

I joined the Y about a month ago. Something had to be done. I used to work out at home with vids before our 3rd baby, but now it's just not possible.

Joining was the best decision I ever made. Not to mention the best money spent. For $35 a month, I get something that is rare... ME time. The baby goes to the daycare and the girls are either at school or they'll go to the kids gym. I get to focus on ME. Unintterupted. And that has me looking forward to the gym every day.

As for how I got over the fear... I just went. I was like a deer caught in the headlights at first, but I learned my way around. I just kept going. I realized how irrational I was being all those years.

People are there to do the same as you. To get/stay healthy.

Congrats on your decision. I don't think you'll be disappointed. :]
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Why don't you go gym shopping? Go to the ones you're considering joining around the time when you would be working out and check out the atmosphere. See how crowded it is, what equipment they have available, etc. Gym memberships are expensive! You need to find some place that you feel comfortable, not some place that you think you "should" feel comfortable.

Good luck!
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I have gone to the gym for many years; all kinds of gyms from Y's to hard core. I have always been overweight and greatly overweight as I've gone. What I've found is that you're respected that you're coming and working out, no matter what shape you're in. Everyone who is there regularly knows that it takes hard work to get in shape and they respect you for making the effort.
Go and keep on going and soon you'll at least feel good about yourself whether you get to your ideal or not.
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from Here to There...
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I'm at the same point as you, joining the recreation centre this week with my husband. They have a wave pool (and aquafitness - that will be my first class!), a gym with all the machines, and Zumba, yoga, etc. classes, and three NHL-size ice rinks for skating. There's also the advantage that the membership gives me access to any of the city's rec centres.

I was nervous about going, because this seems to be a very fit neighbourhood. But I'm rationalizing that (a) everyone else there will be busy doing there thing to notice me and (b) they'll be my visual inspiration to keep at it. I figure other people have done it and are doing it, so can I. And so can you!

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It's true that some gyms can be intimidating, girls dress up and boys kind of go there looking for other reasons other than to work out, but so what. I know a lot of people that just put on their ipod and go on with their workout, focusing on them. It's really not that big a deal once you get there. When I was heavier, I was kind of self-conscious about going to work out, but If i hadn't gotten over that fear and I would probably still weigh 185.

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I felt the same way at one point.. i work out at Golds Gym.. most of the body builders stay away from the cardio.. tho most of the women i notice in the cardio section are tan skinny *****es.. maybe they were alwasy skinny.. idk.

I figure if someone says something to me i can just respond with "why do you think I'm here B*tch?" lol...
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I just started going to the gym and I felt exactly the same way! Before August of this year, I had never been in a gym before – the first time I walked in the door I was white as a ghost and almost passed out from anxiety. I started taking a boxing bootcamp class – and woah, mama, I was a hot mess at first. Tripping, clumsy, bright red... but I survived! Now I go to bootcamp and use the elliptical a few times a week.

I'm still too intimidated to step into the weight room – I'm put off by the fact that ONLY dudes use that area, and they don't look like they'd be too happy with a chunky chick – that has no idea what she's doing – on their turf.

You can definitely do it – you get over the fear just by going a few times. I promise you'll be just fine!
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Hi there!
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Maybe find a friend in a similar position that will go with you. An all women gym might help as well.

I can't afford a gym membership as of now, nor do I have a car, but I do walk everywhere I go. It's a pain, but it helps drop the pounds.

Just remember WHY you're going to the gym as well. You're doing it for you, not for the people around you.
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When I started at our gym, I was at 225. I remember calling them and getting a "feel" for their service prior to my actually showing up. The guy was so NICE! So I signed up. I was nervous. First day of school nervous. I used to be insecure and wonder what other's were thinking when they saw me there, and then something magical happened! I met my goal weight! The more I lost, the more comfortable I felt. Especially at those times that I was outrunning people thinner than me. Now when I go, and if I see someone who weighs what I used to weigh or bigger, I try talking to them. Motivating them sorta speak. ANd to be honest, it amazes me the courage it takes when ANYONE big or small takes time to go the gym. I assure you, everyone is nervous and insecure. But you gotta get your money's worth, and you can meet a lot of great new people too! I love tracking people's progress, and if you go at the same time everyday, then everyone becomes old and you don't have to worry!

Best of luck to you! Have fun, have some GREAT music to jam out to, and pretend you are the only one there. Make friends, and keep going. I can't wait to follow your progress! BIG HUGS!
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missgordon, i agree with you on the weight room, that's what really intimidates me! lifting weights really helps me to shape my body (i've got ALOT of extra flab in the thighs and butt area), but i get REALLY nervous to go into the weight room! i've kindof established a routine of squats, lunges, sides raises, etc. that i can do with 5 pound dumbbells. i just grab my dumbbells and get in front of a mirror to concentrate on my form and try to forget about everyone else in the room. not easy to do!! but if i want tone up this flab, it needs to be done...
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