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Jelbb 06-18-2010 09:41 AM

*Adios to the 150 and 140s!*
Since so many of us hate leaving the more populated threads when we drop into the next very QUIET thread (moving from 150s to 140s...) it was suggested that we rock a combo thread.

Many ladies AREN'T looking to "get out" of the 140s if their goals are in the 140s, so this is a thread for all the ladies in the 150s and 140s... whether they intend to get down to the 130s or not!

Hopefully it'll generate a bit of combined traffic since the lighter we get, the quieter our threads get!

C'mon my 140s and 150s ladies! :carrot:

Mikan 06-18-2010 11:26 AM

I am just slightly under 160 lbs now. By the end of summer I would love to be out of my 140's. Good luck!!

tuende 06-18-2010 11:31 AM

Jelbb, thanks for making this new thread- this is great!

I posted last night in the old thread, but I saw this this morning and had to post again!

fashin, have fun with all your free meals today! Good job planning ahead, I think that'll make a big difference.

Woooo for the new thread!

fashinjunkie09 06-18-2010 11:48 AM

Great thread Jelbb! I think this will definitely increase traffic!

Thanks tuende!

Welcome Mikan! :wave:

Cally Callahan 06-18-2010 12:05 PM

Hello ladies! I have been lurking in the 150's thread for a while now. I figure I should make it official on this new thread. I am at 155 currently, would like to maintain somewhere in the 140's.

These last few pounds are buggers. It's taking everything for me to not quit and just stay where I am, but then I think about how much better I will feel with that little bit of extra pudge gone and I change my mind. I've been cycling between these two thoughts way too much lately.

sotypical 06-18-2010 12:10 PM

fashin - nice to see you back! I am up around 161 as well. You and I seem to struggle at the same time.

Jelbb - thanks for making the new thread!

rockstar - I ordered another pair of flashback crops in a lighter colour and a pair of vita crops - they look really cute! I need to stay off that loot section, they have some cheap and cute stuff! Thankfully there isn't a Lululemon in my town. Some of my hoodies are getting a little lose - all my pants are fine. It sucks about the hoodies, but all well. I am sure I can find them a new home eventually.

Cally - welcome! Glad you finally jumped in!

tuende - I promise that I am done holding summer off. I am broke and honestly 3 pairs of similar crops are enough! I had to wear a pair today even t hough the weather looks like crap. I figure I better get lots of wear out of all these pants! I don't care if they are too causal for work; I am wearing them anyway haha.

The last two days were pretty good! Today hasn't started off that great; but not that bad either. It should end fine; although, I would love some wine tonight. I actually surprised the scale is up over 2 pounds. My week wasn't that bad but it will start moving in the right direction soon! Some co-workers and I are each putting $2 in a jar. Person to lose the most % at the end of 6 months gets all the money! Should be around $200! Talk about some motivation. I am excited - we are supposed to be starting today!

Jelbb 06-18-2010 01:42 PM

Welcome! :D Keep at it, I'm sure you can kick that 20 lbs's butt! :carrot:

No problem, chica. :) Hopefully it'll motivate the few 40-somethings, and bring them together with the 50-something ladies!

I always wonder about you lurkers! ;) Glad you're posting, stick around! :D

Awesome motivation! That mini biggest loser sounds great. Also, I admire your mentality about knowing that the scale will start moving in the right direction soon.

As for me...
I'm feeling a bit stressied. And all thanks to the scale. I've decided to own my water-retention number and finally change my ticker up.

This week (after tonight) I will have worked out three times, half an hour of cardio each time, and in each visit an intense hour of attacking my muscles with a friend of mine who doubles as a scary personal trainer. I've been eating more healthily this week, sticking to around 1,500 calories and cutting out the chips and chocolate I'd been using to medicate my boredom at work, replacing it with grapes and rice cakes.

And according to the scale, I've gained two lbs.
I mean. Come on. Logically, I know that my TOM is starting in a week, and that every time I stand up right now, all the muscles in my legs SCREAM in agony, so I'm likely retaining water due to sore muscles... but it's still just so disheartening to watch myself slide back into the 150s when I worked so hard to get out of them before. :(

I'm just gonna... keep at it. Try not to let the scale affect my motivation. Keep going to the gym, and keep trying to destroy my unhealthy eating habits....!

Kirjava 06-18-2010 05:37 PM

Thanks for starting the new thread for us, Jelbb!

I love the sound of your workplace competition, sotypical! That would really motivate me to pump it up. Good luck!

Nice to see you again, fashin!

tuende, in the old thread you mentioned finishing report cards, too. It felt awesome to get mine done and out of the way. It sucks you have to do a bunch of moving and packing of stuff that isn't yours, though. You also asked where I'm going on my cruise. I'm going with my parents, and we fly into Barcelona, Spain and board the ship, then we head over to France, then Italy, then Croatia, and back again. One of my side-trips in Italy will be a hike up Mt. Vesuvius, so when I get home next week I'll have to work out on the treadmill a lot to get myself in better shape. I'll have about two weeks to strengthen my legs a bit. Another side-trip in Italy will be climbing all the stairs in the Leaning Tower of Pisa. I'm really looking forward to it. I'm a bit scared about the food on the cruise, because I'm sure there will a lot of buffets and rich food, but I plan to load myself up with fruits, veggies, and lean protein and try to avoid breads, pastas, desserts, and fried stuff.

Today was our last day of school picnic, and we must have grilled at least 400 hotdogs. I was in charge of bunning them, wrapping them in paper towel, and loading them in boxes. Then I was a ketchup squeezer. There were three ketchup squeezer teachers, and my full bottle was empty by the end. Kids freaking love ketchup. I can't stand the stuff. I let myself have one hotdog with mustard. Not too bad, considering all the temptation.

Good luck on the weekend, everyone!

tuende 06-18-2010 10:59 PM

I'm glad to see how active this thread is!

cally, welcome! It's difficult to keep going, but you're so close! You'll get there. Glad you joined us!

sotypical, that cash should be a good motivator! It would motivate me because, well, I have none ;). Keep staying on track and you're right-your scale will go down soon. Love the attitude!

Jelbb, sounds like you're doing the right things, the scale should start moving in the right direction soon. I've heard from a lot of people that soreness does cause water retention. I don't really know if that's true or not, but it sounds good to me ;). The scale can be stressful, hopefully you can focus on all the hard work you're doing and know it will pay off... eventually. Easier said than done, right?

Kirjava, that trip sounds AMAZING!! I've never been to Europe (well actually I have seen way too much of the inside of the Amsterdam airport) and hiking Mt. Vesuvius and the tower of Pisa sound like an experience of a lifetime! Honestly, who cares what your weight is at the end of all of that or if you over-indulge on the trip- experiencing those things is way more important! Have you traveled a lot before?

Aaaaaan, no joke, the ice cream man is literally driving down my street right now. And I'm pretty sure he's playing a Christmas song. Anyway, I've been having a great day today. The scale was actually down after yesterday's chocolate fiasco (I did nothing but drink water after I got home from work yesterday, I felt so gross) and got in a great workout and a run and a walk with the dog today. Although, she was feebly hunting rabbits, so the pace was painfully slow. I guess she doesn't so much hunt them as just smell where they were... she's lazy like that. I'm going to go eat some grilled Mahi Mahi for dinner and pretend I'm in Hawaii where it's sunny...

Cally Callahan 06-19-2010 07:06 AM

Thanks for the welcome ladies! I am stuck at 155. I briefly saw 154 something flash on the scale on Monday and then it shot back up for a few days. I'm not sure why I get fluctuations like this, it takes about a week of staying VERY on plan to get past it. UH. To make matters worse the boy is going to a bachelor party tonight which means I have to do girls night with a pal, who is pressuring me into Indian food restaurant. Does anyone know of a low cal indian dish I can order? I think they are all creamy curries and pretty terrible for me, so I will be eating very light all day to make up for it I'm sure.

sotypical, I am scared to go into lululemon. We have one here, but I'm not sure I'd fit into their sizes. But they have such cute workout clothes!

claire0412 06-19-2010 12:38 PM

Hi everyone,
I'd love to join this thread! I'm 24, from England but I live in Austria and i'm a teacher in primary school.

I am officially 156 at the moment but I weighed myself this morning and I was 154, hopefully it'll stay that way until Monday when I weigh myself officially!

I am to be out of the 150s in three weeks. My first goal weight is 147, maybe 143. I don't think I want to say goodbye to the 140s though, I might look a bit scraggly at 13something :-)

Good luck everyone,


Jelbb 06-19-2010 03:46 PM

Hey, not bad! One hotdog with mustard is way ahead of the curve when you've got hundreds of hotdogs in front of you all day.
I like ketchup to a certain extent... but it grosses me out a bit after having a housemate who used to leave ketchup on all of his plates, and it would like... harden into ketchuppy cement that was impossible to wash off....!
Kudos again on your resisting temptation!

Yay for the scale being down, especially after a perceived f-up. I sometimes think that drinking water so you're good and hydrated and not RETAINING water can be a bit of a miracle cure...!
I'd be insanely curious as to why the ice cream man is playing a christmas song....

I'm the same as you. With some weights, my body just seems happy to sit still and maintain... and it really does take being PERFECT to push past some of these semi-plateaus. Having seen 154 on the scale is a GREAT sign, though. Keep at it, and soon you'll start seeing it a bit more often... then a bit more than you see 155... then you'll start getting shy glimpses of 153! :D :carrot:

Also... dude. I fit into their workout clothes, and I'm slightly under 5'4", and a very similar weight to you. You've got me by 4 inches. I'm SURE you can fit into some of their sizes. PLUS, they're vanity sized from what I can tell. I often wear like.. size 8 in their yoga pants, and I... am NOT an 8. ;)

Congrats on being down a couple of pounds! I hope your body cooperates with your goals, and gets ya down into the 140s by the time you wanna be. :) Even if it doesn't tho, it sounds like you're on the right track to get there sooner or later! :carrot:

As for me...
What a freaking morning.
I dented someone's bumper in my parking garage. I feel like an idiot. A very BROKE idiot. I don't want them to go through my insurance or the premiums will sky-rocket... so I've left a note on the person's car with my number to CALL ME, so I can pay to have it fixed, but... I haven't heard from them yet. Note's still on the car; they haven't found it.
I'm such a nervous wreck over the whole thing. I get very worked up over things, people keep telling me to calm down. Sadly, I'm not likely to calm down until the whole thing is taken care of.

God, I'm gonna be so broke.

In other news, the scale was 149.0 this morning, down from 151.4 yesterday. Good news, followed by pure idiocy. What a way to ruin a day!

tuende 06-19-2010 09:16 PM

Cally, hope you have fun with your friend tonight. I have absolutely no advice on the Indian food front, but hopefully they'll have something calorie-friendly on the menu. I'm sure you'll push past 155 soon, especially since you seem to know how to push yourself through a mini-plateau.

Claire, welcome! What grade do you teach? I'm a teacher too. Well, I'm technically a sub, but still. Hope that 154 sticks around for you!

Jelbb, how'd the car situation turn out? That is a rough way to start your morning, but you're back in the 140's! 149 is great news! Try not to stress too much; things happen, it'll be over with soon. Also, I realized the Christmas song was Greensleeves which apparently can masquerade as a regular song. Still out of the millions of songs...

I've been having a pretty good day today, except that I'm getting an obnoxious little throat thing happening. To combat this I've been drinking lots of tea. While this may be completely futile, it tastes good. I also made a dr's apt to get a physical. I haven't been to the dr in more than 5 years (oops), so it's probably time.

Tomorrow, we're having a big family bbq that I am sort of dreading. It's for father's day, birthdays, a graduation and a going-away. There will be tons of food, the amount of which can only be rivaled by the amount of pressure to eat it. And my family looooves to comment on my weight/eating habits/body which I absolutely cannot stand, even if they think it's positive. They feel free to comment on various aspects of my body and one cousin has recently started calling me "skinny" which she somehow manages to make sound condescending. It's a special skill of hers. I think part of my hatred of these comments comes from years of being so self conscious and hoping that no one noticed by body at all. 90 pounds lighter and I have the same hang-ups. But I also kind of feel like it's not their place to be commenting. Anyway, that was a long ramble... I think I'm just trying to mentally prepare myself!

Hope everyone else is enjoying the weekend!

fashinjunkie09 06-20-2010 09:19 AM

Welcome Cally!! :wave: I'm sorry I don't have any advice for Indian food either, but your plan of eating light all day to make up for it sounds great! Just stay strong, you can push past 155 I know it!

Courtnie, that competition at work sounds like major motivation- you are lucky! Everyone I work with is constantly making, bringing and eating crap (and of course offering it to me) and always wanting me to go out to lunch, etc. How refreshing it would be to have them trying to lose weight with me! But, don't worry about those 2 lbs, I have a feeling you'll be getting a woosh soon! We just need to focus and stay on plan, but we can do this!!

kirjava, that picnic sounds like fun! Great job only having one hot dog too!!

Jelbb, I'm so sorry! I'm pretty impressed though, because I know people who would have just taken off without leaving a note so you definitely did the right thing. Hopefully that person will be understanding and it won't be too expensive. But, yay for 149! :)

Welcome Claire! I'm sure you'll be in the 140's very soon- and hopefully I'll be joining you! :)

tuende, I feel for you! I get comments like "I don't think that's on your diet is it?" if I decide to eat a hot dog or some chips. I'm like geez don't worry about it! And you are absolutely right, it's not their place to make comments like that, especially about your body. I'm sure your cousin that calls you skinny is just jealous. Don't pay attention to them, you are doing great and becoming a healthier you! Good luck on the mental preparation, we're here if you need to vent afterwards!! :)

Yesterday was an off plan day food-wise. Restaurant food for lunch and we grilled out last night, which wasn't too bad but I ate way too much. We are grilling out again tonight for Father's Day but I'm going to try and keep it light. I hope you ladies are having a wonderful weekend!

claire0412 06-20-2010 09:24 AM


I teach 4th class here, so between 9-10. I do English as a foreign language in different primary schools. If I ever return to the UK, i'd work there with my own class (preferably upper primary). Here the best gig you can get as a native speaker teacher is ESL and things like History and Geography on the side (CLIL). I like it :-) What grade do you teach?

BBQs mmm I love BBQs - unfortunately not so good for dieting but you could have healthy chicken and salad? You'll be fine. Great job on losing 53lbs, after that the remaining weight will be a doddle :)

I have now got my (ridiculously healthy) boyfriend on side and he is encouraging me (perhaps a recipe for disaster, I don't want him to keep going on!)

have a nice sunday everyone :)

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