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Default pants falling down when running...

Ugh. I want to jog/run for exercise.. But I can't keep my pants up!!
Its very annoying and very distracting.
My pants are not too big.. I have some pants that are just perfect and a couple that are still a bit snug..
So embarrassing but when I'm jogging my belly goes up and down and pushes my pants down until the waist band is nearly at my thighs.
Does anyone else have this problem?? What do you do or wear to stop it from happening?

I wear my work out pants.. No place for a belt. Plus that wouldn't be comfy.
This also happens with jumping exercising like jumping jacks


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You have to buy some pants that fit!
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HAHA Glory! That was a funny link. But yeah OP sometimes my pants fall down too. I don't know if they are too big or something but I am a poor college student and have no money to buy new pants!

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HAHAHA sorry, all I can think of is American Idol...

Pants on the ground, pants on the ground, Looking like a fool! With your pants on the ground!

But seriously, I had the same problem. One thing that helped were compression shorts that went above my belly. HTH!
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Aaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahaha! I miss that guy, must have been in the bathroom at the time. :P

Anyway, about your pants falling down.....heehee, I think you have to buy some pants with a good elastic waistband or a waistband that has a string to pull and knot. I've had this problem and honestly, no pants truly stay up but, none fall down that bad now that I shopped around for some that are a decent fit.
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My suggestion would be to buy some yoga pants. I've tried running in regular sweatpants that have the pull string that you tie and it just doesn't cut it for me. It's so annoying and uncomfortable to have to constantly pull them up. My yoga pants NEVER fall down.

Hahaha btw I looove that American Idol guy
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Hmm. Have you tried wearing pants meant to fit at your waist and not your hips?

Or maybe they are actually too small? I had this with two exercise tops, and I just stretched them out a bit.

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Try a different style. I just bought a pair of yoga type pants that "fit" but fall down when I'm running. they are fine for weight training though, just not enough elasticity in the waist I suppose. All my other pants are fine to run in.

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As a former poor college girl, if you can't afford to buy new pants right now you can make an elastic waist on your current pants. Buy some elastic, poke a hole in the waist band of your pants (where an elastic band would normally go) and then string the elastic through...voila instant elastic waist that you can tighten as you shrink. This also works if you use a non-elastic string to make drawstring pants.
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I can never workout in yoga pants because of this exact problem! My solution is to wear leggings/long-underwear-type-leggings underneath workout shorts that have a pull string. I like this for 2 reasons...It hides my thighs, keeps my legs from rubbing together (ouch!!!) and camouflages my butt. When I wear this, I never worry about my pants falling down...AND! the leggings come up a little high so they kind of keep my belly in. oh yeah!!
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