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Default If you fall off the wagon, get back on

I'm sure everyone has heard of this saying, especially when it comes to weight loss and you have a history of poor eating habits. But, nobody ever talks about what to do when you just can't seem to catch the wagon no matter how fast you run. I am ending a bad week today - tomorrow will be different. I haven't lost weight in a couple weeks and I know it's because I haven't been watching what I eat. I am not sure why I totally fell off the wagon this week, but it feels like I jumped! I ran all week to try and hop back on, but I just couldn't seem to catch it. I'm sure all of you have something to say that can help me to remember how to keep on track and remind myself every moment I eat some veggies I don't particularly care for why I'm eating them instead of something else. So, share your insight or what helps to keep you on track or helps you to hop back on the wagon when either you jump off, or someone pushes you.
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Don't try to "catch up". Wherever you are right now, that is when you start. If you need to, give yourself a clean slate and pretend that this is day one, minute one. As for the veggie thing, if you don't like'em, don't eat'em. At least at first. Do buy some multivitamins though. The thing is, veggies have two advantages: 1) they are good for you; and 2) you can really fill up on them while staying under your calorie limit. With that in mind, you might want to slowly train yourself to like them. I don't know what you do like so it is hard to be specific. But here are some non-rabbit food suggestions:

Veggies and dip. You can make some pretty low calorie dip. Google for recipes.
Veggies as filler in sandwiches. You will be so full, but it is more satisfying to the anti-salad mindset.
Grill them. So good. If that doesn't sound appealing grill them with meat! Try wrapping asparagus in turkey bacon and grilling it.
Use them as sneaky substitutes for something else. Hungry-girl.com has good suggestions for this, like using bell peppers as tater skins or little pizza crusts. Or peas in guacamole.
Another (calorie adding) trick is to cook your veggies in chicken broth.
Soup. Think about it. There's cream of broccoli, cream is celery, etc. They taste decadent but are often pretty good for you, if a bit full of sodium.
Stir fry. Soy sauce is also high in sodium but it makes a healthy meal that tastes like something you'd be craving at two am.
Squash. Yum.
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Hey, you can do this! just remember the focus you had when you first started and lost those 20 lbs. We all fall off the wagon, we're all human. We make these type of mistakes...but then what do we do? we start all over from scratch! and we work HARDER this time! you gotta work harder the second time around. Discipline yourself and let yourself know that you are worth it, you are worth a healthy life. Sweat it out every day and don't ever lose focus, don't ever let anyone get in your way and mess you up.

If you don't like veggies, you don't have to eat them or you can make something creative with them, that way you don't really 'taste them". You ever heard of that book "Deceptively Delicious" (I believe that's the title) it's written by that Seinfeld's guy's wife lol. She has some awesome recipes in there where you kind of hide the nutritious in tasty recipes without knowing you're even eating something good! you should definitely check it out. It's at the library.

Also, have you ever gotten the Veggie Patty from SUBWAY? it tastes REALLY GOOD. Everytime I go there, that's all I get. It's vegetables mushed together, disguised as a patty and it tastes like chicken or something but it's not. It tastes so good. Definitely give it a try. I mean, it's healthy for you and tastes amazing..so why not?

good luck! and don't worry...just get back in the race! there's no looking back now. You just gotta move forward. Moving forward is key. This is YOUR life. You know what to do.
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"Unless you faint, puke or die -- keep walking!"

-Jillian, The Biggest Loser

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I try to remember that the world will not end just because I had an extra slice of pizza or scoop of ice cream. Yes, I do get disappointed that I'm that far away from my goal, but, honestly? It's ok. all that matters is that I don't give up, and use a one time wagon fall-off as fodder for wagon avoidance...

so get back up there and do it! once you know you can, and that you have control, and you CAN say "NO", there's nothing stopping you. you go girl.
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"There is no wagon. There is nothing to catch." Make your own way in life. Start by making one or two easy simple rules that you can follow. It will build your confidence.

I don't know what your problem areas are, but here are some suggestions to pick and choose from: 1) No sodas. 2) No sugar. 3) Wait 20 minutes after your meal if you want seconds before you eat again (I set my cell phone alarm clock). The "hunger" usually fades, but if it doesn't, that's okay. You abided by your rule. 4) Walk 7 minutes per day. 5) Log every bite of your food. 6) Eat every 3 hours. You should choose rules that apply to your situation. For example, if you are a non-breakfast eater, one of your rules could be to eat breakfast every day for a week.

Once you pick a rule or two, just abide by them for awhile. Don't worry about anything else. That way, you'll realize you CAN be successful, and that is the start of a positive mindset. All my best ... CJ
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