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Default My pants fell down!

Ok, so I remember when I first started this weight loss journey thinga majig back in 2005 (I know, pathetic. I still haven't reached my goal) I was losing weight left and right. I remember one day trying on my old pants and having them fall down. I was SO excited because I knew the weight loss was working. That was proof right theree. Anyway, then I hit a plateau which I'd been on for like 2-3 years and I never had that type of amazing moment again.

So, for the past week or 2 I've been noticing that my pants are getting loose once again. Like, every step I take they seem to get lower and I find myself always having to pull them up. Anyway, I was just dancing to Poker Face (not a Gaga fan but her music makes me move lol) and I was just jumping around and dancing and my pants fell down! with my ipod! (since my ipod was clipped to them). Thankfully, I was home alone. Nobody saw. But man, oh man. I feel like it was 2005 again.

I'm finally off that damn plateau. I didn't want to tell anyone here because I didn't want to jinx it....but now I'm going to shout it to the world (or..the 3 fat chicks world anyway) I'M OFF MY PLATEAU!!!

Also, I remember how many compliments I got back in 2005 when people started noticing my weight loss. That changed when I hit my plateau. Just recently I was at a wedding and like 5 people commented on my weight loss (that i'm starting to lose again). There was this prissy lady who always poked fun at me cause I was fat, even if indirectly but still. She came up to me said "You look so pretty. You've really got yourself slim and trim" and these other 4 girls commented on my weight loss too. That other superficial lady was there too, remember the lady I mentioned in an earlier post who said to my face "Aren't you the girl who lost weight? you gained it all back??" yeah anyway, this time...she didnt' say a word, just sorta looked at me with her plastic eyes.

I'm finally losing weight again
no one at home noticed because well, I guess it's because they see me everyday but other people did and it just makes me want to work harder because I know it's working again. Gahh. I'm in a sort of high right now! I just hope it doesn't stop.

just wanted to share it
because I love you guys and all
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"Unless you faint, puke or die -- keep walking!"

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Not a Gaga fan either, but her music does get me moving. Those plateaus can be so discouraging, great job on busting through!
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That is so awesome for you! I think you might need to go clothes shopping!

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It looks like you've kept 40lbs off for 5 years...not pathetic!
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What a great story! I think you should treat yourself by going shopping and buying new pants!

And I also agree with forestroad...any weight lost and kept off is an achievement!
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yes girl
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cool.....i like all the quotes on your sig. i miss watching TBL. that show really motivated me. i'm doing pretty good by myself, but it just gave me the determination to so a little more and go a little farther.
started South Beach Diet 5/3/2012

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Great job! Haha one of my pants is big like that now- I LOVE IT!
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time for some new pants!!! what an awesome feeling, right??
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