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Default No, I'm not preggo! **SO EMBARRASSED**

Today the DA walked into my office to serve my boss a subpeona (or however u spell it) I got up to grab him, and sat back down, and i noticed she kept staring at me. I'm wearing big black hoop earrings today, so I thought maybe she was staring at those. Then all of a sudden she asks "Are you expecting?" I shot her a very DIRTY look and said "Um, no I'm not ... but THANK YOU FOR THAT!" And the she said "I'm sorry, I thought I seen a little pooch..." OMG, I almost died! My boss walked out to greet her, and I went to one of the back cubicals and started balling. Usually I wouldn't cry over this, but I couldn't stop it for some reason. I weighed in on monday and lost about 3 lbs, so I was feeling all good about myself, and now I just feel like crap. I've been working so hard and it just sucks to hear something so negetive

Anyway, thanks for listening ....

If you get a second chance, grab it with both hands ...

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Some of the blouses these days (peasant style) are very much lending themselves to making the WORLD look prego--even itty bitties.

I would never, ever, in a million years EVER ask anyone that though.

"Be who you are, say what you feel. Those who matter, don't mind. Those who mind, don't matter." --Dr. Seuss
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Ugh....sometimes people don't think

Gosh I'd never ask anyone that!

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There is a saying in nursing (maybe elsewhere too, dunno), unless you see the head crowning, never ask a woman if she is pregnant.

I know it prolly doesn't help, but I am sure she is horrified and feels like a giant @$$ (as she should).
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There was one time where my mom said that to someone... she felt SOOOOO BAD and still remembers it to this day! She would never say anything like that again and had the best intentions. She was probably just trying to make conversation, you can't let something like that get you down! One day, my boyfriends SEVEN year old sister came up to me and said "you're belly's getting bigger, are you pregnant?" I felt SO bad because children are usually truthful- sometimes TOO truthful. When this happened I might have gained a couple lbs from when I first met her - only a few lbs heavier than what I am now.
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Ugh, I know how you feel. One time last year I saw this lady I used to work with. She looked at me and said, "aww, is it going to be a boy or girl?" It was terrifying. I told her I was not pregnant, so she says "well, you must have really let yourself go then didn't you" It made me so angry and so embarrassed. I went home that day and cried. I never told anyone, even when I was with a group of people who were talking about stories just like this one. I don't think looked pregnant, but the jacket I was wearing made my stomach look bigger. I have not worn that jacket since. I'm sorry you had to deal with that. You are doing great, keep up the good work. Don't let her comment discourage you.

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Don't let it get to you, misspiggy. Some people apparently have NO brain-to-mouth filter.

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I have been asked that, too, a couple of times when I was overweight. People who would ask such a question ar obviously ignorant and rude, too . I would never ask someone if they are pregnant.
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Originally Posted by Thighs Be Gone View Post
Some of the blouses these days (peasant style) are very much lending themselves to making the WORLD look prego--even itty bitties.

I've noticed that trend, and I HATE it! I didn't work to lose 80 pounds to wear clothes that make me look pregnant!!!

And what's crazier is that maternity clothing is tight now, to show off the belly, while regular clothing is billowy and loose.

Case in point...I had to make an emergency shopping trip for a nice shirt to wear before a graduation last Monday. I went to Target, and went ALL through the regular section. Nothing that wasn't big, billowy and honestly hideous....other than one slightly-less-puffy sleeveless white top. So I tried it on (and ended up getting it eventually). On the way to the dressing room, I passed through the maternity section and saw this to-die-for patterned top that was entirely too cute to pass up. I thought, "What the heck" and tried on an extra small. It was great, looked good and fit, so I got it. I held both up to me in front of my husband and asked him to pick the "maternity wear." He picked the white shirt from the regular section...NOTHING about the other one looks maternity at all.

In response to the original post..boo on her! I can't imagine EVER being so rude! The way she ASKED...it was almost like she was just trying to get a rise out of you. Ignore these types of people and contrats on your loss!!!

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I've been overweight my whole life. I remember one day when I was 9 YEARS OLD. A teenage kid came up to me asked if I was pregnant. I can't tell you how much I felt like crap at that moment. I still remember it and that was like a decade ago.
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Le sigh... Sometimes I genuinely think that there are some people who need remedial social skills class. They just genuinely do no think!
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Originally Posted by utgirl09 View Post
"well, you must have really let yourself go then didn't you"
Accidently thinking someone could be pregnant because of a top they are wearing is one thing, but this is just blatantly RUDE! I sometimes wonder where people learned what they consider to be socially acceptable behavior!

I would never ask someone I didn’t know or hadn’t seen in a while if they were pregnant. So many things could make it appear that way, and I certainly wouldn’t ask if there was any question in my mind because many people wouldn’t want everyone to know even if they were pregnant if they weren’t very far along. I too have been asked when I was due, and my reaction was to make up a date and then walk away to cry :/. Not sure why I did that, guess I was just too embarrassed to say I wasn’t pregnant, but just looked that way :/

Misspiggy ~ continue to be proud of your accomplishments, and remember that people unfortunately don't always think before they speak. Keep doing what you're doing; you deserve to be happy - one comment doesn't change the good you are doing for yourself

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You should have said, why no, I realize being pregnant yourself, you're probably seeing baby bellies everywhere very innocent like! I bet that would have shut her up! The witch, I had that happen to me once and it's horrible when someone asks that!
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don't let that get you down, you are doing GRRRRR8!! and i totally agree that she has to feel like an ***, and will probably never ask anyone that again!

I am my own worst Enemy.
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[QUOTE=MindiV;2779789]On the way to the dressing room, I passed through the maternity section and saw this to-die-for patterned top that was entirely too cute to pass up. [QUOTE]

I HATE it when I see something cute and realize it's maternity wear! Also when the little girls stuff is cuter than the women's stuff. Maybe I should try on some materinty stuff, though, lol.

misspiggy, that is ABSOLUTELY horrible. People are so stupid! And many don't learn to think before they speak. Don't let rudness and idiocy get you down!

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