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Default Studying My Butt Off...or on, rather

I'm taking comprehensive exams tomorrow for my Master's (BOO) so I'm spending this entire day studying. I have a HORRIBLE habit of eating the entire time I study because when I was in 8th grade, I read a few studies that eating actually helps you remember things. Sadly, this has become a part of my routine. I always end up gaining a lb or two whenever it comes to a study day. Does anyone else have this problem? Any tips on how to stay active and study at the same time?
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If you must eat, make it healthy crunchies. Celery, carrots, etc...

I read my text books on the treadmill all the though its definitely not masters level stuff.

Take a break just to walk around for 5 minutes every once and a while. It will help you not get overwhelmed with the studying and will provide you with 5 minutes of physical movement.

Thats all I can think of for now.
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With your exam being tomorrow, you're probably studying from notes / summaries - I used to walk while studying those. Outside in the day, around a long hall at night. Something about the walking itself seems to help you focus and help the info stick. For at least a portion of your study time, it's a neat technique.
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If you are sick of the celery and carrot sticks, I suggest you make low cal, high fiber popcorn and drink plenty of water to really fill yourself up. I like to drink a diet Coke with my popcorn because the carbonation really makes me ultra-full with the popcorn. Good luck
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Yes - if you feel you need to eat, eat healthy! And GOOD LUCK
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chew gum! I have a bunch of flavors handy. Switch between minty and fruity and only get 5 cals per piece! (Extra brand) Yummy!
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i do what barb61 does too when i eat popcorn while watching a movie!
I vote for the sugar-free gum though (stressing the sugar-free cause i'm studying to become a dentist lol)
and lots of water

Good luck on your exams!!! Don't give up!


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I just took my comprehensive final today (for med school) and had the exact same problem yesterday! I was starving all day and just felt the need to eat everything in my apartment. Here's what helped me: I planned to have a snack every 1 1/2-2 hours - yogurt with berries, babybel light cheese, almonds, carrots with hummus, so technically I felt like I was eating all day but it wasn't out of control. I had at least 4 cups of tea. Black/chai tea with a splash of milk and splenda = BEST drink ever! Lots of gum, too.

Just stay in control of your food choices and make sure to eat if you're feeling hungry. Your brain is working overtime and needs the fuel! And good luck for tomorrow!!

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Be careful with the sugar free gum- I used that to study once, and ended up chewing more than my stomach could handle, if you know what I mean, haha
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