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Default I passed on pizza

Last night, my mom (who is supposed to be on Nutrisystem) decided to order pizza. I was so proud of myself for sticking to my plan and only eating the grilled salmon and roasted zuchinni that I cooked.

I even looked at the leftover pizza today and passed on it again. Since I don't really talk about dieting in real life, I had to share it somewhere.
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Congrats! Good for you!

(I did Nutrisystem, I completely understand why she wanted regular pizza)

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CONGRATS!!! resisting temptaion is such a big achievement! I feel so good after I just walk by a gyro who seems to flirting with me a lot now and then...but do I give in? NO! yay! I applaud you, sister
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Awesome! I find I can resist temptation if it's something I have to buy myself, but I don't have the willpower to refuse things right in front of me yet. Congrats! Definitely a good step.
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That is willpower!! lol congrats <3
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Wow congrats!!! I could use a little of your willpower!! Keep up with the good work!

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YAY! Congrats on skipping the pizza, although the grilled salmon you had sounds really good too
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Ugg. I wish I could say the same. I went out to lunch with my friends today to a local pizza place. They have a special where you can get two cheese slices and a drink for 3.98. So the inner cheapskate in me got the deal. The slices were HUGE. So I had unsweet tea and one slice, and took the other home. A slice was 1/6 of a 16 in pizza though. 500 calories! Ugh. I wish I would have passed. I didn't go over my calorie count for the day though. I just didn't eat as healthy as I could have.

Great for you! I personally need to stop thinking just because something is a good deal doesn't mean it is good for me.

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Congrats on being strong and sticking to your plan!
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Good for you!!
Always working on my healthy lifestyle!
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good job that's awesome especially if that happens to be your fav food

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mmm salmon lol
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