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Default Question on vitamins

How much is too much? Ever since I started my journey in March, I've been taking a multivitamin, generic Women's Once A Day. I also usually have a bowl of Total for breakfast.

The last few days, I've been also having a whey protein drink with my Total in the morning. (I work a very physical job. To see me hand stacking an entire palette or two of tiles on a shelf, and then load three rolls of carpet on the rollers, by myself, is a pretty ordinary day.) I realized with all that activity, I better add in protein where I can, so my body doesn't eat the muscles I already have.

I plugged all these foods and supplements into Fitday, and most of my nutrients are way over the 100% RDA. The only ones I'm lacking in are magnesium, potassium, selenium and sodium. All the others are at least 200% RDA, some are in the 600s. Am I in any kind of danger from being way over on these nutrients?

Started on March 13, 2009

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In my opinion, no, not really. The RDA is useless. A lot of vitamins don't do anything in those low doses. It doesn't sound like you are taking that much so I think you'll be fine. If you get constipated (too much iron) or go to the bathroom too much or something, then re-evaluate. But otherwise, you should be fine. I'm sure others will disagree with me but that is my experience.
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basically just watch the color of your urine........ if its neon then thats your body expelling the extra vitamins its not using, so in the end your wasting money, so just keep an eye on it and if that happens, cut back a bit and then re-evaluate
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Well it depends what your diet is like. If you're eating a variety of foods and include fruits and vegetables you don't need any supplements. The bowl of total and vitamins in the whey protein are more than sufficient. It is easier to take in vitamins and minerals from your food than it is from a pill or synthesized versions anyway. I don't think there are any benefits of overconsuming vitamins but there can be harmful effects of it.
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You should be fine, you just pee out the extras. The only one that you really need to watch is iron.

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