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Default Seriously want to smack this guy

This is so OT but I really need to let out some steam. So here is whats going on, for my economics class we were put into groups to do this project. Its basically a long evaluation of a company of our choice. First of all, I hate working in groups, there is always that one over-achiever who wants to do everything weeks in advance and meet with the group multiple times even though there is no need. So the first part of the project was due two weeks ago, this one guy in the group insisted on everyone meeting, although we could have just as easily done our parts separately then put them together. I went to that meeting, and the whole time I was there he was talking to me like I was an idiot. Seriously, like I didn't know anything. And when he wanted to ask a question or see what other group members thought he'd ask everyone else but me. So since then I've been peeved about this guy.

So now the second part is due this Friday at 4pm. He sent out emails to everyone in the group asking if we could all meet yesterday (Wednesday) at 7pm. I knew that I couldn't go because I needed to finish a project for another class, however when I tried to email to let them know the internet on campus wasn't working. So I didn't get to email them before hand. Around 7:30 I get an email from this guy with the subject "GROUP MEETING (you're late)" and inside it says "We are all here working on the project in the same spot as last time. Please try to come soon." I was already annoyed because why do they NEED to do it right now? We have 48 hours before its even due. So I emailed the group around 11:00pm last night saying "I am so sorry that I couldn't come to the group meeting today. I had an art project I had to meet with my group about. I tried emailing you all earlier but the internet has been on and off all day. I will have my part finished by tomorrow. Hope everyone's week 9 is going well."

Then this guy emails me back saying "Okay I'm meeting with M. Wall at 9:50 so have it then (preferably earlier) and don't forget to bold the main points! I have some stuff to add to it so the sooner the better. " And I didn't even read that email til after 10am!!

First of all, can I just say this, why does he have to be such a jerk about it?? Also, how could he have expected me to have it done that quickly when I didn't even read his email til after 10am? AND why in the **** is he adding to my part?? Does he not think I can do a good enough job? I bet you he said something about me to the professor too, he's the type that would. GAH I just want to slap him.

OH and I just got another email from him saying "We are meeting again at 6 in the library to finish it, although we pretty much have all of our info." Ok... Again, WHY? If we have all our info WHY do we need to meet again? GRRR, driving me crazy
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He has nothing better to do with his life apparently Yes, groups projects suck because of people like that! Good luck getting through it!
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Sorry you have to deal with someone like that. It would drive me up a wall! I would probably talk to the professor myself and let him know I couldn't possibly work with the jerk again. UGH!
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I wish!
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He sounds like a real nightmare. Try to avoid working with him in future (if you can)!
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LOL! I don't even know how I got into this forum because I am not in my twenties anymore. I think I saw where you said you wanted to smack the guy and out of curiosity I HAD to read. And I am not laughing at you, I am laughing at the fact that I had to deal with a dude like this last year with my neighborhood.

Okay, for starters, this guy isn't just an over-achiever. He is a CONTROL FREAK, lol. I would like to tell you that this will be a learning lesson for you in dealing with these types of people along lifes way, but the truth is, it doesn't get easier, LOL. Everytime I had to meet with the guy from our neighborhood, I began to twitch. I finally began ignoring him and having what I needed done on time, regardless of the emails, regardless of the 5 minute voice mail messages, regardless of the death threats. Okay, there were not really any death threats but if there were, it wouldn't have surprised me, lol.

All I can offer you is RUN LIKE CRAZY the next time the prof. tries to group you up with this guy.
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I'm not in my 20s either, but saw this listed as one of the most recent postings on the main page. Just wanted to say, these people do not go away after college! I'm on the PTO/PTA board (President) at my kindergartner's school and there is someone like this on the board. She's wanted to meet weekly throughout the school year although is was unnecessary and doesn't like to work on things via email or conference calls - always in-person meetings. Anyway, just wanted to say I feel your pain and get used to there always being at least one of these personality types in every bunch!

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Just tell him to chill out and that he's being an *******. He's not the boss of the group, either. Say that he's not being a good co-worker.

But whatever you do, don't talk to the professor, they'll just tell you to handle it yourself in your group. So just tell the guy to kindly chill the fu** out, and that you'll do the project when you'll do it.
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let's all get together and egg him!!!
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^ I'm in!! Seriously--what is this guy's problem?! He sounds like a total a**hole. Sorry that you have to put up with him, girly... But good luck with the project! You deserve an A just for being unlucky enough to be in that guy's group, heh.
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This is part of the reason you are put in these situations in college, to learn how to deal with real work situations. I know it sucks, but you'll have to deal with people like this throughout life, so you'll need to figure out how best you can deal with the situation.

Most every job I have ever had, I've had to work in some "group" situations to get my work done. That's just the nature of the world. I think that's why teachers do this.

I suggest you stand up to him. Let him know that he is not in charge and no one made him boss of the group. You are all equals, he needs to respect you as one. Tell him as much and see what happens. You might be pleasantly surprised or he may turn out to be more of a jerk. You definitely have to take a stand though, or nothing will change.
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Zenor said what I was going to say. And if there's really no reason to meet again, tell him, and everyone else, so.

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