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Default 21 yrs old and i weigh 258

i have never been considered a skinny grl but i was thick with an attractive body. the summer after i grad from hs i met my ex fiancee i weight 175 and my figure was pretty attrctive although i could lose weight. thru my relationship with my ex i completely let my self go you see. i was always battling with my weight in hs so i would keep busy and go to the gym try to eat rite. two yrs later and my ex out of my life i gained 83lbs. it wasnt his fault it was mine for being weak minded . when i was never like that before. i have a gym in the building i like in i want to weigh 110 i am 5'1. but at 140 i will be happy. that is over 150 lbs i need to lose. although i am overweight i believe that i am a pretty girl and i would be even prettier thin. one of the problems i face is that guys like me but they dont want bigger grls. chuby is ok but fat is not. i know that. although it hurts i know that. so that is why i have completely gone off of men. i have devised a plan. at 16 i weighed 190 and went down to 130 by eating rite and working out a lot in the summer. i am going to do it again. i know that i can. i need support though because i have none. my friends are all thin and beautiful i used to work for a european airline so u can imagine jejejej how most of my friends look at 5'8 plus and stick thin. i will never b six feet nor stik thin. im latina i have curves breasts thigh butt and i love it. but i realise i stopped taking care of my self. it isnt even eating bad it is just getting out of the rut i put myslef into.

exercise plan... summer is here and lake michigan is waiting for me...
i plan to roller blade every day for 2 hours. did you guys know that if you roller blade for an hour that is 500 calories you are burning. way more then you would burn on a treadmill and less boring. i hate the treadmill i dread it.
after roller blading for an hr hour or two i plan to dance for thirty minutes. as a teenaer i was involved in jazz latin dance belly dancing and ballet. so as one can saay i know my shyt. hahaha. then i will work on my stomach which god knows i need to do. and my arms.
i know this sounds like a lot but i am not a lazy person which is why many are suprised i am this size if they eat ten times worse then me. ive gone to the dr and i am prefectly healthy. i jsut need to get active.
exercise omg i am so lazxy wokr was tiring and so was school but you know what this is your health this is ur livelihood. i wnet to honduras with the girls. everyonehad such beautiful bodies. tell me if i took ne full length pictures of myself. of course not who the **** wud i show them too. i was too embarassed . i refuse to b embarrased like that again. people i need motivation i need somone telling me you can do it cuz i am not gettin it from my size 0 firends who call and complain theyre fat too me. lol.
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I started here at 240lbs and I'm also 21 like you, I think the best piece of advice I have to give you is to do it for yourself and not other people like guys! I thought that I would be more attractive, and people would want to be with me only when I was a skinny skinny mini, and I'm actually finding now that there are guys that said they fancied me even when I was at my highest weight but have only just got the courage to say it to me now!

I'm also aiming for 140lbs even though I'm a little taller than you.

People here are awesome, and I swear if you ever need any help, or to rant, or get honest advice, you have definitely found the right place! Welcome!
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Keep On Keepin' On!
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Good luck on your journey! Sounds like you're ready to make changes for yourself and with the support on this site you'll be successful!
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Good luck! I started at 271 and I'm 23 (had a baby 9 months ago). Btw, I wish I was in Chicago...I LOVE it there!
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You can totally do it.... Quit worryin so much about what men want.... and worry about what's good for your health and what makes you feel fabulous!! THAT'S what matters. Men come later chica...

And whoo hoo for Chicago. I live in the Indiana burbs.... though I love to hit up Hyde Park lakefront during the summer (soon!!!).... for swimming.
"Courage is being scared to death - but saddling up anyway." - John Wayne

Overall Weight Goal (Started Spring 2006)

My Newest Goal: Lose 2011's Gained Stress Weight & Get Back to my Lowest Weight in Time for my Dec' 11 Vacation!!
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Men want a woman who is confident and happy with herself. Most men HATE having to constantly reassure a girl that she looks fine and that no, that dress doesn't make her butt look big and of course honey uh huh uh huh uh huh... You get to where YOU are happy with your looks and the guys will follow.
Philippians 4:13 ~ I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.
Next mini-goal: get out of the 230's by Christmas 2010 I'm not TRYING to lose weight; I AM losing weight!
One for every five lbs lost ->
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You can do anything you want, if you put your mind too it! Being "comfortable" and having a child on top of that, did the same thing too me! It can be done, just take a look at some of the ladies around you! There are some awesome women here. listen to what they say & you can end up where you want to be.
I Started my healthy life-style on 8/14/08
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Getting back on track!
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I know you can do it!! Welcome!

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