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Unhappy A Mixed Bag of Emotions

Hey guys,

Still playing with the fonts/HTML code on the message board, so I hope I am not annoying you with the constant changing of colors!

Anyhoo, I have had an interesting day and thought I'd half-vent and half-praise. The good stuff first: I have finally gotten back on my vegan diet after not being on it for several weeks. Not going to get into the particulars of that, except that it was a little difficult finding food. But I am so proud of myself for taking that first step! Next step: finding a working scale. *sigh*

And now, for my not-as-good news: My mom and I were talking this afternoon, and I found out she may be pre-diabetic. Mom has always had weight issues, and has been obese as long as I can remember. I am concerned, however, that it has become that serious, and wonder what kind of life that will mean for me in the future if I continue doing what I'm doing. And of course, I worry for my mom as well.

(Sorry if I am being a little too open. But I really don't have anyone here in town that I can talk to, and I like ya'll thus far.)

I do look forward to seeing my family next weekend though! I am taking a week off to go see them... and will go tour the University I am going to in August for the first time! I have seen it while on the train, but I have never really been there to see it. So that will be cool... I found out also that the average age of students is much older (25) which will be cool for me (who will be 25 upon entering college... again.)

But I digress, mightily as usual...

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Michelle! great job on becoming vegan again its so funny your post could have been written by me. I am trying to get back into the vegan swing of things as well. not going to good yet. the bf is a mad carnivore. As for your mother don't worry to much, my dad has diabetes and his life is the same he just cant eat the sugar he used too. but its not life altering , its good she has you for support. and it is good that you are thinking what about if that happens to you, because if we eat like them it will. So recognizing that will save you from the same fate. oohoo college! how exciting ! keep us updated on how your trip goes!


For attractive lips, speak words of kindness. For lovely eyes, seek out the good in people. For a slim figure, share your food with the hungry...-A.H
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Congrats on starting college! I started for the first time at age 23, so I know where you're coming from. At my school (NDSU) it seems like everyone is fresh out of high school.

As for your mom, is there any potential she could use the pre-diabetic news as incentive to lose the weight? What if you were weight-loss buddies? My mom has also been obese as long as I can remember. She'll talk about how she needs to lose weight, and then in the next breath wants to order a pizza. Her weight has brought her diabetes, in addition to her numerous other health disorders (fibromyalgia, arthritis, breast cancer and a stroke) that may or may not be directly related to her weight. All this before she turned 60 years old. Her health problems were what made me start to lose weight, because I could see that if I didn't, I'd be in the same shoes she's in.

Good luck!

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