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Default Picasso

Ok does anyone else here have this problem, I'm sure someone does.

It's like my body is a creation by Picasso or something
it's all out of sorts.

Even my sister said that the only problem is my STOMACH.
Like my top is fine (shoulder area)
my legs are fine.
Then smack in the middle, BAM! there's this big spare tire(s)

It's like that's my only problem area. Yeah and there's some flab on my arms but it's not major. The major problem is my stomach. It just makes my body feel out of proportion and I know the stomach is probably the toughest area to get rid of but arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I'm pissed off, man! I want it to go away like, right now! anyway, I think about each tire of mine weighs about 10 lbs or something. Seriously. It's just too big. It's like some kind of boulder. It just won't move

P.S- how many calories if I suck on a lemon? lol

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I know I can do it.
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Default Can't stop thinking about pizza.

I am SO sorry I just replied to this post with what was intended as a thread of it's own... It's true, I can't stop thinking about pizza, but that has nothing to do with you. HAHA I'm an idiot...

Anyway, sorry about the spare tire... I know it'll go away though, just keep at it and you'll see a change soon!
Breastfeeding, baby wearing, hubby snugglin', healthy eating, hard working, motherhood loving 20-something!

Losing the baby weight! 211 was my weight at the end of my pregnancy, I started my pregnancy at 183. Let's see that FIRST goal!!

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S/C/G: 210/147/130

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hahah that's ok! oh GREAT now I'm thinking about pizza tooo!
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my middle is my most problem area too... even when I got down to very low weight my stomach still stuck out a bit, and the lower pooch area forget it. I also have bra rolls on my back
I'm trying to put on more muscle now...maybe trying to change my body composition a bit will help my body get rid of the belly fat/pooch area. hopefully others here have some ideas!

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This is not a test.
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same here, apple on a stick It has got better though, so theres no reason it shouldnt for you


"If you want to get thin, stick the mars bar up your a** and get a rottweiler to chase you down the street"- Billy Connolly
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actually, I learned in my women's health class that stomach fat is the easiest to get rid of. And that when we lose weight, we lose it from basically head to toe, which is why many people see a difference in their face first, and then around their ribs, and then their belly, and eventually their lower body. But lower body fat (as well as the arms) is more difficult to get rid of because it's more condensed or something like that. However, I should warn you that belly fat is also the most dangerous because of where it is. If you have too much fat on your stomach, it can start to mess with your internal organs.

But you're here, and you're dieting and exercising, so just keep at it.
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Brighter than the moon!
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Yeah, belly fat sucks. We have liver issues in my family, and I recently had a physical and my enzymes are waaay too high. That's what really prompted my weight loss - I'm 27, I don't want to die early from something I could prevent.
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