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I'm new to the site and I've been hanging out for a couple weeks but haven't posted much. I read all the posts in the getting to know you thread and then I saw that it was closed so I decided to post it here

First name (if you want to tell):Kaylin

Geographical location: Indianapolis IN

Age: 21

Marital Status: dating

Children/Ages: none

Occupation: Student

Pets: My cat Foxie, and my pitbull husky puppy (well...dog I guess) Ibanez ( I named him after my guitar lol )

Hobbies/Interests: writing/singing/playing music, school doesn't leave time for much else
Height: 5'2

Eye/Hair Color: green/red

Starting Date of Weightloss Journey: april 4th, 2009

Starting Weight: 165

Present Weight: 152.8

Goal Weight: 132 is my first goal (the highest healthy weight for my height I read on a website )

Biggest hurdle to overcome in weightloss: "I already messed up so I will start over later..."

Following any specific plan: My own, which is about 1400 calories with lots of protein and two 30 min cardio sessions (treadmill or turbo jam) 6 days a week along with carmen electra fit to strip dvd 2x a week.

What is different this time in your weight loss efforts than in the past:before I always did fad diets to fit into cute clothes...this time it's more about health....I've been pretty sedentary and I've been eating crap by the end of this year I couldn't fit into anything I own, I didn't have any energy and slept through class alot, I feel maybe a little depressed and I can't concentrate on my work, I actually feel like I'm less intellegent, and I want to get my life back together so I can past always feeling bad and actually do something with it.

There I filled it out...and now I feel better This site seems like a great tool for support and motivation, I especially love reading peoples stories about reaching their goals. Hopefully I'll find some friends on here to help out and keep me on track!!!
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