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Default mmm.... cake! (temptations at work)

So working in a bakery while trying to lose weight sucks!!! I am a cake decorator and it is so hard not to nibble during work. Customers walk by all the time and say things like "I'll gain ten pounds just by walking by here!" and "if I worked here I would weigh 300 pounds!!" or "it should be illegal to put the bakery at the front of the store!!" I just want to scream "at least you don't have to work back here!! "
And if my own temptations aren't bad enough , the people I work with are constantly offering me things. A piece of buterd bread, some extra cookies (right out of the oven ), a sample of a new product, broken doughnuts,their left over pizza , etc... It also doesn't help that I'm usually hungry at work . I have to get there at 6:00 AM and i'm not a morning person, so i am always rushing out of the house without any breakfast.
Does anyone else have to deal with anything like this? What do you do?!?!
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ich bin geliebt
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I'd say don't completely deny yourself, since it's around you all the time when the temptation catches up to you you'll over-do it. Use discretion. I know when I have to open at my job and I haven't eaten, the only thing to eat is a candy bar, and I've done it (Snickers and a Fanta: breakfast of champions). It's hard to ignore.

Anyway, I'm rambling. You just need to find a balance. And try to eat before work! Force yourself! Or have it ready the night before and bring it with you...
"I just sighed, the universe replied, let this pass you by."

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I feel you
I used to work at Mrs Field's a couple of years ago, and it was so hard to say no to the cookies and brownies that our boss gave us for free. May be you can pack healthy snacks the night before? Or, not deny yourself the occasional treat? I dunno, I just know that it is so hard to work at those kind of places (atleast for me )
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Are we there yet????
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when I'm cutting cakes to size, sometimes I"ll just pop a piece into my mouth. Just like that. I CAN RELATE TO THIS!!!

I chew gum a lot, and I keep a clean cloth on my table so I'll wipe my fingers rather than lick them It's only a little bit but it sure helps.


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I absolutely could not work in a bakery. Baked goods are my serious downfall and one thing I still think of from time to time. I wouldn't be able to get out the door at the end of the day.

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Oh geez, kudos to you for losing weight with those odds... baked goods are my nemesis too, I can't even have them in the house! I used to work at a muffin shop I know what it's like! I think packing yourself a breakfast and chewing gum are good ideas, maybe keep a big vat of water with lemon it or something and take a big gulp every time you feel like nibbling, it might take a bit of the edge off, temporarily anyway.
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finding my balance...
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Although I don't work somewhere that sells food, I work with coworkers who eat fast food and ask me if I want anything every day, and bring in bags of candy and pop, and it's rough... I just try to suck it up, and I have the same breakfast problem so this week I bought some go-gurt and oj-hopefully that will start holding me over!Hope this helps!
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I feel you....I used to work in an ice cream shop. It wasn't the ice cream that got me because I really don't care about it, but it was the regular food. Yum!

My remedy...I always had carrots to munch, gum, sugar free candy, jolly ranchers when I really wanted something sweet, and if all else failed I'd go to the bathroom and rinse my mouth out with listerine. Anything that would be there if I needed something to get me through. Also, I agree that you shouldn't completely deny yourself always or it'll just get worse.

See I love me some cupcakes so I don't think I could do it My dbf knows I love baking and said I should open a bakery and I'm like ummm no I would eat more than I'd serve. But I also have a weird thing of not eating what I make.
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I'm like tandifrass....I don't work with food, but my co-workers aren't horribly supportive of my efforts to keep weight off. There's always a cake or a pie or cookies, or those miniature Hershey bars and things. I have to pass three bowls of candy on the way to the bathroom! Not to mention the crackers, the cheese, etc....

I drink a LOT of water. And chew a lot of gum.

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Biker Chick!
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Default ...not a twenty-something...

I'm twice you girls' age but I DO work in a bakery/deli/kitchen...so I can relate!! I absolutely HAVE to have my own food at work, or it just sets me up to fail. I understand you have to get up very early, and don't want to eat breakfast at like 5:00 am...so I agree you need to make the time the night before and get something ready for your breakfast and lunch. And then hopefully have the time to eat at work.

I think the poster that said to chew gum for a fresh-y mouth, and to keep a clean towel handy to wipe the knife was right on!! all the suggestions above were good.

I can remember attempting to prepare a birthday cake; the buttercream would be ready, I would slice the hump/dome off the top of the cake to level it....and smear it with the frosting, fold it over and there was my cake sandwich We just can't do that and expect to lose weight can we.
Holly - but my road name is Cupcake

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Working my way back
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I agree with everybody else... pack a bunch of crap to take with you so you CAN snack all day but not on junk! Also, bring gum and keep it in your nouth all the time- not sugarfee watermelon or whatever that's going to make you want to eat 13 donuts anyway but really STORNG MINT gum. it works the best at killing cravings i think. or altoids- but don't suck on them, CRUNCH them and get that blast of mint. maybe it will help...

but WAY TO GO with the weight loss!!
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I use to work with ALL guys , and im talking about buffet/all you can eat kinda guys. It was SOOO hard because we would all get stuck doing a job together and being the odd ball we always ended up going for lunch wherever "the MEN" wanted to go. I LIVED off of gum, and kept snacks in my desk drawer. I had to learn to adapt at buffets!
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Wow! I really feel for you bakerygirl! Being able to lose weight working in a bakery deserves lots of praise!
I used to work in a bakery in high school; I ate a TON and didn't really gain anything but if I did that now, forget it! Any time I passed a tray of cookies or a vat of icing, I could not resist.
Working in a bakery has got to be the ultimate test to losing weight. I agree with everyone's posts. Great ideas! It will test your patience and will-power, but you WILL do it!
I would be popping in a new piece of minty gum every 20 minutes!
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thats tough, i dont think i could do it, so much iceing! But could you bring a lunch box of healthy things with you maybe? It might be good if you told your co-worker about the diet, and to stop offering you things. Or if you could promise to have just one cakey thing per day, you would really examine your temptations then, to be sure not to waste your treat on something that isnt delicious. If you do that, you may even be able to say that nothing available is too delicious to say no to.
Mini Goal: Reach 10 Stone

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starving artist
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zomg, a cake sandwich!!!! that made my mouth water. hah

but yeah i dont know how OP works in a bakery, or anyone else for that matter. i'd pick at it allllllllllllll day. i already have a huge problem with snacking all day.

i do go through an enormous amount of mouthwash though.
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