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Default Grocery List

Okay Give me some Idea's

What does your grocery list look like?
What do you buy to eat healthy? I am counting calories but trying to stay away from starchy foods carbs like pasta and bread for now just to kinda of kick my butt back into gear. Lots of fruit and veggies.

I just always feel Like I eat the same things over and over again.

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One healthy thing I've been eating a ton of lately, is this Pacific View (I think) corn soup. The soup is like 120 calories and then if you blend up some corn to add it's like 220 calories and it's really filling and delicious and I love it.

Other wise, I eat a ton of bananas, apples, clementine oranges, I make tortilla wraps with ham and cheese so that way it's less calories than making a sandwich with bread, a lot of times I have cheerios with milk and fruit, I eat a lot of lean cuisines...
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low fat yogurt
greek yogurt
frozen fruit
lowfat milk
beans- northern, black, and pinto
frozen veggies
kashi bars
whole wheat crackers
laughing cow cheese
fresh veggies-green pepper, tomatoes, lettuce, avocados
Ground turkey
Skinless boneless chicken

These are all things i eat a lot.

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Beans are a great way to replace pasta/bread and round out and bulk up a meal. You you add them to lots of dishes, or have them on the side (cook with some seasoning/herbs & onion, or have something like vegetable lentil soup).

Remember to count your onions and cooked tomato sauce as veggies.

Some of the brainless things I turn to are burritos with lots of raw and cooked veggies added (you could leave out the tortilla and have beans topped with sauteed onion and bell pepper, plus fresh salsa and lettuce and some cheese);

and stirfry (so easy to make with all sorts of variations), and you can really bulk it out with veggies and skip the rice / noodles if you want. I use tofu but you can obviously use whatever meat you like. Cook the meat first, set aside, then the longer cooking veggies before adding the faster ones. Broccoli actually does well for me as the last veggie but adding in 1/2c water and covering to steam until bright green, then uncovering to evaporate the water; then add some garlic and ginger for a minute, then add soy sauce or whatever you use for sauce. Some pineapple is really good in a stirfry.

Another salad I like is black beans, a little corn (I use frozen, and not a lot, just some for flavor), chopped red bell pepper, a little onion, cilantro, and mango and avocado, dressed with a little mild olive oil and lime juice. Easy and good the next day too.

Fruit smoothies are fabulous. My current favorite is mango and banana w soymilk, yogurt and flaxmeal.

A favorite breakfast is yogurt with fruit, such as blueberries & strawberries (I use frozen), or either berry with some banana (no need to use a whole one). I usually add some granola or Kashi GoLean, but you could easily skip it (I sometimes do).

Another good breakfast is to saute some onion and mushroom (bell pepper is good too, also spinach), then scramble in 2 eggs (I stir in some soymilk, basil, salt and crushed red pepper flakes), topped with some grated cheddar or parmigiano. I often have that on a piece of toast, but sometimes do it with just the eggs & cheese.
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Whole wheat everything... less carbs, and more Fiber!! Whole wheat pasta, pesto sauce - homemade or jarred, Special K, Low Fat Milk, Bananas, Brown Rice, Steamed Veggies, Lean Cusinine- everyday for lunch b/c- 1. I don't have money to be wasting eating out, and 2. Wayyy tooooo many calories!
I have to have Oranges, pretty much a daily thing for me. Living in Florida, I am spoiled by our fresh fruit selection. And what would I do without Publix Produce Section??? But I also live for variety so we weekly have 3 night chicken, 1 ground beef, 1 pork, 1 random (generally Oxtail or some other cut of meat. Husband is Jamaican, so we eat quite a few int'l dishes) and 1 night Vegetarian- like Eggplant Parma or beans of any kind. Hope this helps!
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We've been trying different dishes every week, so I'll just go with a generic basic list:
Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts
98% Lean Ground Beef
Some sort of lean steak
All natural, no sugar added tomato sauce
Bell Peppers
Tons and tons of spices and seasonings
Splenda tea
Skim Milk
Sugar free Jello
Skim Milk String Cheese
Sugar free Russell Stovers Candies
Bottled Water
That's pretty much the staples for our week, the rest of the list would depend on what our meals will be for the week.
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I just did my first healthy shopping list...this is what was on it...

Egg beaters
Turkey bacon
Baby Spinach (Great on my salad, the leaves have a nice texture.)
Cheese bits (Also for my salad)
All natural crunchy Peanut butter
100 wheat bread
Fat free cheese
Sugar free peach jelly (REALLY good.)
Thin sliced chicken breasts
Sugar free jello
Sugar free cool whip (I need an IV of this stuff XD)
A huge jar of dill pickles
Ten one dollar packs of vegetables (They have healthy weight, immune system, digestive health. Forgot the specific brand)
Diet pomegranate and blueberry tea

Yeah I can't remember anymore I think that's when I ran out of money.
A word of caution...I'd be careful when choosing other sugar free products. Avoid sugar alcohols as they only amount to half the normal level of sugar, but usually they use a lot more then they would as sugar to get that sweet taste you enjoy. They also gave me some unhappy side effects in my stomach.

I forgot to buy milk....go figure. XD

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Let's do this!
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Well, truth be told, I typically do eat the same things. I know what I like and rotate the same recipes throughout the weeks... here is mine from last week:

mixed beans (for veggie bean soup)
canned chicken (for soup)
lean ground turkey
canned tomatoes
chicken breasts
romain and red lettuce heads
big bag of carrots (for soup and snacks)
fresh garlic
salad dressing
string cheese
shredded cheese
baby spinach
frozen mango
psyllium husks
couple of frozen dinners (in case of emergency)

2011- putting on the baby weight
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It varies from week to week, but my staples are:

red peppers
asparagus or broccoli
mangos (i'm no locavore, shameful, i know)
couple cans of low-sodium black beans
canned crushed tomatoes in puree
dried lentils
canned low-sodium lentil soup
kashi golean crunch
silk lite plain soymilk
low-fat shredded mozzarella
laughing cow light herb & garlic
orowheat double-fiber english muffins
frozen spinach
TONS of frozen peas!
skinny cow low-fat mint ice cream sandwiches
morningstar vegetarian buffalo wings (for junky days)

Depending on our recipes for the week, we generally add some random vegetables (plus whatever fruits look yummy), but that's pretty much the gist of it.

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A rough weekly shop looks something like this

* Light milk
* Reduced fat yoghurt
* Feta cheese
* Kalamata olives
* Lettuce
* Tomatoes (roma and/or baby/grape)
* Baby spinach
* Capiscum (I think you guys call them bell peppers)
* Shallot
* Cucumber
* Carrot
* Pumpkin
* Potato
* Sweet potato
* Beans (fresh) and sometimes fresh asaragus
* Apples
* Nectarines, plums, peaches
* Strawberries
* Grapes
* Melons - water melon, rock melon, honey dew
* Sushi rice and aborio rice
* Nori sheets
* Salmon (tinned or smoked)
* Chicken breat
* Kangaroo
* Pork
* Pasta
* Basic staples i.e. tinned tomatoes, beans etc
* Bread - soy & linseed or multi/wholegrain
* Avocado
* Shaved ham
* Polenta
* Cheese (whole)
* Untoasted muesli

There are probably things I have missed...we have a wide diet.
Height: 5'7
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what my list was on saturday: chicken breasts, lean turkey hotdogs, turkey bacon, lf deli sliced chicken, salsa, lf mayo, lf balsamic salad dressing, canned kidney beans, 100 cal pack pringles, lf crackers, lf rice cakes, wholewheat bread, brown rice, broccoli, carrots, green beans, orange bell peppers, lettuce bags, apples, clementines, lf cereal bars, v8 juice and light cranberry juices, string cheese, lf cheese slices, lf shredded cheese, sliced olives, almonds, lf fruit yogurt.

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Here's what I bought at Whole Foods today:

Fage 2&#37; yogurt
cheddar cheese
steel cut oats
tomato paste
frozen mixed veggies (for soup)
frozen chopped spinach (for adding to just about everything)
frozen blueberries
green beans
brussels sprouts
spaghetti squash
2 types of apples
navel oranges
red onion
baby spinach
mixed field greens
bell pepper
sweet potato

(we already have chicken breasts, pork loin, and other stuff in the freezer)
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Height: 5'4"


*egg beaters
*fat free cheese
*skim milk
*spinach salad mix
*green onions
*cilantro <i make my own salsa>
*boneless skinless chicken breast
*frozen raw shrimp
*frozen tilapia
*ground turkey
*whole wheat low cal tortillas <i bake these til crispy to use for chips with my salsa>
*weight watchers cherry cheesecake yogurt
*smart water
*diet coke
*raisin bran cereal
*smart ones or lean cuisines
*smart balance "butter"
*weight watchers ice cream
*weight watchers string cheese
*charcoal <my husband will grill in the dead of winter, which has been key in my weight loss.. there's nothing like grilled chicken or seafood cooked over charcoal>
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skim milk
frozen peas
frozen broccoli
frozen green beans
bottled water
orange juice
salad mix
turkey bacon
whole wheat bread
lean cuisine for nights i don't have the time to cook
boneless skinless chicken breasts
canned collard greens

just a few of the usuals
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my usual list goes something like this

Onions (white and red)
sweet potatoes
salad bag
mushrooms (chestnut and button)
stir fry veg pack
whole chicken
chicken breasts
lean sirloin steak
extra lean minced beef
tinned tomatoes
canned adzuki beans and canneleni beans
whole wheat pasta
brown rice
granary bread
skim milk
feta cheese
low fat mozerella
fresh sage
fresh rosemary

i have a cupboard full of spices and herbs

i'm basically a hot chick in a fat suit. seriously.

I Rockabilly
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