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Thumbs down Why do I HATE cooking so much?

Does anyone else hate cooking as much as I do? no no, I mean I REALLY HATE it.
I would rather clean the entire house from top to bottom AND do yardwork, rather than cook. Especially now that I cook healthy food, my hate for cooking has just gotten stronger. Plus I'm not good at cooking.
What's a girl to do?

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i love cooking....
i just hate the fact i always snack on bits as i cook....
wud love to be a head chef at a restaurant....

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I think most females (and some males to) love cooking. All my friends LOVE cooking... I'm the odd one out.
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I'd much rather bake than cook to tell you the truth.
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I only like cooking when its something special, or for someone else. I only cook like every other day, and its usually something stupidly easy.

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I don't mind the cooking....

It's the bullsh!t cleaning up afterwards that I hate. Doing dishes is the bane of my existence, and as a university student... we don't exactly have a dishwasher in our house.

Though, that must make things even more rough. To hate cooking, and try to be eating healthily--- it must be difficult!

Back to the beginning again, but trying to make it a lifestyle change instead of a crash-calorie-counting obsession. Journey #1: Lost 40 lbs, then gained 50.

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*insert inspiration here*
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I don't hate cooking...I hate the time I have to put into it for it come out decent. I prefer to throw something in the microwave or oven and come back 45 minutes ready to eat. This is probably why I eat cereal 2 meals a day...easy. I only do REAL cooking like 3 times a year--Memorial Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Other than that, it's whatever I can throw together in 15 minutes or less.
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Here We Go Again
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I use to hate cooking. I felt there was so many ingredients needed and not enough money. So I thought cooking healthy would be worse! But nope. I honestly spend about $150 dollars for 2 weeks of food shopping with 2-3 planned cooked meals a week.

The other days it's a DIY or something simple like whole wheat pita pizzas. Occasionally we'll head to Wawa/7-Eleven when I am too tired after work.

It's not a diet, it's a lifestyle choice!
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I love cooking special meals, like holidays, but I get annoyed by the day to day stuff. All the mess and monotony and dishes. Ugh.

Maybe you could try not having a "meal" for every single meal. Snacks can be healthy too. What about things like nuts, cottage cheese, veggies, fruit, cheese, yogurt, bars, etc. You could easily make a balanced meal without cooking a thing. This would of course be easier if you were only looking after you. I don't know how happy a hubby or kids would be with cottage cheese for dinner
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I hate cooking to, I get it from my mother lol. I also think I hate cooking because I cook and no one eats it. My kids take two bites and say I am full or complain they don't like it. I try to cook every night even though I REALLY hate doing it.
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Do you think maybe you hate it because you're not good at it? What about it do you hate?

I absolutely LOVE cooking and baking, especially now that I've gone vegan... it's so much fun to create new recipes and try out new ones.
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Slowly but surely
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Im somewhat in the same situation, although im starting to like cooking by trying out new recipes and discovering new tastes.

My best advice would be to buy a crockpot. You throw a bunch of ingredients in, cook them for 3-4 hours on high or all day on low while youre doing other things and voila! You have a delicious meal waiting for you.
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I love to cook and hate to clean. Unfortunately my husband also loves to cook and hates to clean. We have a close friend living in our building who loves to eat, but hates to clean (however, he doesn't mind carrying, so with hubby and I both unable to lift or carry heavy items - we feed him often and he carries things for us).

If we could only find a friend, living close by who loved to clean and hated to cook (I had this for a while when my sister and I were roommates. She hated cooking. I hated cleaning. So we each did what we liked best).

That same sister now loves cooking - but only her kind of cooking. She was never impressed with basic, run of the mill cooking (and she hates grocery shopping), but she loves learning to make exotic dishes. She lives with our parents, and so as my sister says "Mom cooks the everyday stuff, and I cook gourmet stuff". Mom and dad are retired, so Mom cooks during the week, and my sister cooks on the weekends. She learned indian cooking from a friend and her mother who are Indian (from India). She's learned other exotic cooking from cook books.
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This is not a test.
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Originally Posted by luvja View Post
I'd much rather bake than cook to tell you the truth.
I am exactly the same. Cooking takes forever and then you eat it in at 2 minutes flat, its just not worth the effort. At least baking looks better, tastes better, and lasts longer


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Personally I love to cook and bake, but it's not for everyone. There's no rule that says you have to like it.

Why not pick up healthy, pre-prepped or pre-cooked stuff to make your life easier. My MIL loves to pick up rotisserie chickens and just shred the meat for salads. In some places you can even buy pre-cooked chicken breasts. With that, greens, already chopped veggies, and low cal dressing you could make a killer entree salad. You might also be able to find pre-cooked brown rice and such. I'm not sure where since you are in Canada, but it's worth looking for.

For times when you do need to cook, look for recipes that are super fast. I love Nigella Lawson's cookbook 'Nigella Express'. Not everything in her books is healthy, but some are (or you can tweak) and the recipes are super fast. There are things that take little effort, like throwing a potato in to bake and opening a can of chili to heat and serve over the potato. So, since you hate cooking, maybe try to find things that get you out of the kitchen fast.

Do you own a crockpot or slowcooker? You could cook a big batch of something on the weekend and then eat it for meals throughout the week.

Really it's too bad you don't live closer! I'd so trade cooking for you, if you cleaned my house.
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