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Default the beginning of a relationship..

i just got into a relationship with my best friend.. he treats me really well and everything seems to be okay, but its just like im really worried and scared all the time about our future and the uncertainty, blah blah blah.. i know a lot of you guys are in relationships.. have you ever felt like this? what do you do? how did you know it was worth it to stay?
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You just have to take a chance. I was like this with my fiance. We were good friends, but at times it felt like he wasn't over his ex. So when we started dating, I was kind of worried about this. Especially since she popped back into his life when she found out we were 'dating'. She had her current boyfriend ask me what was going on between us, when he doesn't even know my boyfriend. Various times she had asked my friends, and they told me she was asking. It was frustrating. She would IM him for stupid ****, and one time she sent him pictures of her new piercing, and I felt she was trying to see if he'd compliment her. He didn't, of course. But it was a strain in the beginning of our relationship. Though last November he proposed to me, so I believe that this is the right choice. I knew from the beginning that we were meant, but I've had experience with females ruin my relationships with their seductive ways. I am just paranoid. I know he didn't deserve this, because he has been loyal all the way, I just couldn't help it. I'm glad it didn't ruin what we had.

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Just stop worrying.

What happens will happen. Odds are, you'll break up eventually; most relationships don't lead to marriage.

Just enjoy each others company for however long it lasts. If you get to the point when you don't enjoy each other and you have to "work" to love each other, then its not worth it, imo.
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My BF is now doing his PHD in Spain... I really really feel the same way as you! I need advice too!!!!!!
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Default Easy!

Keep more than one until you're sure you like one in particular more than the rest. I tend to be one that likes the chase more than the guy though... that is, until I met my hubby.

We went on a few dates and his friends kept getting on him telling him, "She'll play you like a dude, don't mess with her." Finally one night he plunked down next to me at a bar, gave me a beer and said, "What is it gonna take to impress you? And just so you know, I ain't got sh*t."

It's been love ever since! LoL. Everyone else is right, you will just know somehow some way. Until then, relax and just have fun. It's not that big of a deal.
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Over a year ago, my very best friend, whose feelings for me had been known for months, sprung a surprise kiss on me under the Perseid showers in August.

And then another one. And I'm pretty another, too.

For the next few months, I was scared, nervous, excited - I just didn't know what to think. He sure made my heart jump out during that kiss. Did I have feelings for him? Would it ruin our friendship? Would I lose my best friend if I couldn't be with him? It was a huge decision.

But I finally gave in. He made me too happy to not give something even better a chance. And from that day, he's only made me more happy each and every morning I wake up. We are now 5,000 miles apart, and are right in the middle of going over four months without seeing each other, but that love still grows in each of us every day.

Trust your instincts. Everyone deserves a shot. Don't look back. You may just end up happier than you ever thought you could be - and you'll look back on all your uncertainty, like me, and just laugh at how silly it all looks from this far down the road.

- Madelin
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Time will tell , its always weird at first.
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give it your best and try it out. Nothing will come without trying and seeing yourself.
If it's yours, it's yours ^-^
Good luck in your relationship

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