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Default What part of your body do you like the most?

I thought this could be the sister thread to the other one!

My favorite part is my butt. Even though its still too big its always been nicely shaped and firm. I actually like wearing jeans because of it!
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This sounds funny, but I always get compliments on my long eyelashes. Isn't that weird how people notice?

But my favorite part of me are my wrists. I've got my mom's teeny tiny dainty wrists, and I love them!
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waisting away
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Height: 5' 8"


I have some pretty great calves.
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i like my colar bones and my eyes
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This is not a test.
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i like my lips, they're so nice and dainty

if only the rest of my body would follow their example


"If you want to get thin, stick the mars bar up your a** and get a rottweiler to chase you down the street"- Billy Connolly
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What a great idea for a thread! I always like a positive message, heh.

My favorite feature would have to be my eyes... They're a nice shade of blue (naturally! though I've been asked if I was wearing colored contacts before!), and I have pretty long eyelashes. And I'm very good at accentuating all of it with the proper cosmetics LOL. I probably get compliments on my eyes more than anything else... Though maybe someday that will change.

As for an actual physical body part, gotta love my boobs! Though unfortunately they seem to be shrinking, but that's something I'm willing to sacrifice as long as the rest of me is shrinking, too.

Garstar--my collarbones are slowly beginning to emerge and it's so exciting!! They've pretty much never ever been visible before, lol. Now I just want to wear off-the-shoulder shirts every day so I can show them off.
"It is never too late to be what you might have been." - George Eliot
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I like this thread too! I get what you mean star2be... that's how I can always tell I've lost weight is by my collar bones.

My favorite body parts are my legs, tots, and cheeks (on my face). I used to hate my chubby cheeks but now I love them... used to hate my boobs cause they were too big but now I love them, and used to hate my legs cause they were too lanky, but now I love them! Isn't it funny how that happens?
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Little Miss Random
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my bellybutton....

The difference between success and failure is the determination to suceed
Every Little Helps

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I like my eyes! I have biggie eyes that I am really proud of
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One step at a time!
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I love my eyes and hair (mmm parts that cannot "get fat" LOL)
When I was thin I totally loved my hip bones, now I can&#180;t see them at all jaja
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Losing weight - Toning up
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my hair.... that's the only thing that i don't find flaw on my whole body lolz. Such long, soft and silky hair I got compliment from my hair all the time so i totally love it.
I can somewhat like my fingers. Although i would love it look a little more slender than now but well... I'm greedy that is

Yes, you can stop eating! There WILL be another meal.
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Height: 5'11


I was thinking about this question, and it made me really focus on all of the things I like about myself. I can't narrow it down! How cool is that?

1. hair (long, red, naturally curly)
2. Eyes (I once had a lame pick up line about "how he could see the sunrise in my eyes) lol corny but I still remember it.
3. Height (I love my being 5'11)
4. Boobs and butt- gotta love what the good Lord gave ya!
5. Smile- I get so many compliments about it.

Hmmmm.... I sound kinda vane, but not trying to.

. 4 months from now, what you will look like if you quit and what you will look like if you keep going? 4 months is going to happen no matter what, what will be your choice?
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I like my hands (LOL a friend of mine once said they look like those creepy hands from a horror movie! but I love them because they are slender).

I also like my hair. It's thick and curly and fits my personality..kind of wild and crazy!

Goal as of 03/09/15: Get under 200lbs


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I Can Do This
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Hmm, today I will have to say my blue eyes, hopefully in a month or two there will be a few more parts that I will love again.
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Height: 5'4"


I like my hair (most days) and I like my nose.
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