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Default 1200 calories

hi ladies....
please assist me i am struggling a bit....
what can i eat in a day for 1200 calories....
breakfast, dinner, and tea and snack wise....

ive eaten more today and im still struggling to hit the right number!....

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Try adding some healthy fats like almonds or peanut butter. Good for you, but pretty calorie-dense as well. Hummus is another good one to add some extra cals. Eat it with veggies or in a sandwich. If I have extra calories, sometimes I make a fruit smoothie, with juice, yogurt, fresh/frozen fruit, basically whatever. It makes a nice dessert or post-workout treat.
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I second the fruit smoothie, I use frozen fruit, banana, whey protein power, low fat yogurt and skim milk. Depending on how I make them I can go between 200-390 calories, and it feels like a fruity treat instead of forcing yourself to eat.

Good fats are a good way too, peanut butter works well for me in moderation.
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BEANS! I like getting about 1/2 a cup of vegitarian refried bean, mixing in jalapenos and an ounce of shredded part skim mozzarella cheese and nuking it till the beans are warm and the cheese is melty...mmmm. I eat it without chips, just that and a spoon and I can overcome any calorie deficit.
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Juice is a good way to get calories. I normally only drink juice when I need to up my calories b/c I think of it has empty calories....

. 4 months from now, what you will look like if you quit and what you will look like if you keep going? 4 months is going to happen no matter what, what will be your choice?
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You need help reaching 1200 calories? I'm so jealous. Hahaha.

Healthy fats are the best way to go when you need to up your calories.

Natural peanut butter, olive oil, cheese, nuts... Just make sure you portion everything out so you know exactly how much you are getting. If you drink milk you might consider switching to a higher fat percentage or even whole milk. That would definitely add some calories.
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I just start a 1200 calorie meal plan today. You can look at the meals at http://www.goodmeasuremeals.com/Menu...nu.aspx?c=1200
I'm not sure how I'm going to do on it yet... it's on the first day. I'm not sure I like someone else telling me what I have to eat for each meal... but we'll see.
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healthy fats, like people said. I love vfusion juices (serving of fruits and veggies for about 110 calories). Yogurt is a good one (Yocrunch are my favorite, they're put out by Bryer's). A couple pieces of string cheese. And there's always the obvious stuff like, a cookie or something. Which isn't great for you, but is always a nice option when you've had a bad day (or some hot cocoa when it's cold out).

How far away from 1200 are you?

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I'm not a huge fan of "packaged" foods, but in a pinch you could always have a bar of some sort - Zone, FiberOne, Luna, etc. They're good for 150-250 calories, depending on which you choose, and they taste good!

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i eat rice for 2 meals (breakfast and dinner) so usually both of 2 meals have already totally calories of ~1300. >"< So maybe you want to add rice for a meal or something?
And i second nuts and smoothies too.

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I have a calorie counting book, with info about tons of foods and restaurants, and I just go through the day improvising.

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I follow a 1200- 1300 cal plan wit 4 meals and an optional snack, breakfast (8 am), snack (11:30), lunch (2:30 pm), tea (6 pm) and dinner at 9

For breakfast and tea I have
1 low cal yogurth
2 toasts one with quesillo-- a low cal, low fat chees very popular here and with losts of proteins and one with avocado, it is very caloric but it helps with cholesterol and has tons of good fats

Lunch and dinner
Lean meat or canned tuna with salad
Half tablespoon of olive oil
A pice of fruit

Optional snack
A cereal bar
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