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Default Help..........moral support, suggestions and a buddy needed

Help..........moral support and suggestions needed
Hi there.........
I am new here so forgive me if i make any mistakes
I am 20.....soon to be 21............
I have decided to loose some weight before my b;day
i am 5' 6" and 175 pounds............ i dont think i look all that bad but my self esteem is really low..........
I become very conscious in public and try not to talk and do anything even though i feel like it.........
i love to dance but i dont want people tp make fun of me so i have stopped going out..........
i feel that i am hurting my self morally and am trying to lose weight
unfortunately, i work and go to school at night and it does not leave me any time to work out.............

i think i will do much better if i had a person i can relate too who can help me..............

would love to hear from everyone here
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Losing on the Beach
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Talking Welcome to 3FC patel

Hi there,
I am 27 so I am a little older than you BUT I had low self esteem real bad when I was younger also, You are right that you arent very big at 175, But as women we tend to feel like we have to look a certain way in other peoples eyes.
You see the trick is... Being happy with you and then others will not bother you so badly, Plus having good moral values is the right way to get there, I have learned, the older I get that is LOL
That my life is in the Lords hands and that with him nothing is impossible, whether it be weightloss or any other thing that is happening, it is already taken care of......
Takes a real load off of what others think or say
I have to constantly stand on it,but it is so worth how it makes me feel inside when I see things clearly.
I wish you only good things and that you learn to cherish every moment and every acomplishment ... after all....
Your worth it And know if you ever need me I will do my best to help in any way I can.
Hugs and prayers, Christie
With God ALL things are possible! John 3:16 205/173/164
I am gonna come out of this shell!
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Angry hey

We all have the emotional side to our struggle with weight loss....because it really is a struggle. But definitly believe in yourself... I lost my 1st two pounds this week, and although it's 2 pounds out of about 25, it was a success! Seeing that made me know I could do this. Use feeling uncomfortable as motivation, and as you accomplish small goals in your journey (whether its successfully eating smaller portions, or getting in a really good portion, or of course losing weight) you will start to feel better and stronger. Good luck!

P.S- I like the quote "Nothing tastes as good as thin feels"- I think I will remind myself of that anytime I am about to needlessly snack.
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Gonna do it!
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Hello Ladies!

I understand how you feel Patel as I am about the same size as you... 5'8" 175. Same as you I don't think I all that big, but yes I would feel better about myself if I were smaller. Also I would be healthier. I started my diet last monday and I have already lost 3 pounds. Of course that is always easiest the first week I am looking for someone to keep me "honest" and to share little success stories with. If you are interested... I lost some weight a few years ago and found that is an important element... having someone to pat you on the back when you loose one week and cheer you up when you gain the next. Well, let me know either way and GOOD LUCK to you all!!!


P.S. Who cares what other people think of your dancing!!! If they are watching you, then they are too chicken to dance themselves!!! I LOOOOOOVE to dance! Find some good friends who love to dance as well and enjoy yourselves!
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Default set backs

Hey all..did the weekly weigh in today..my scale is pretty bad, but I think I might have gained two pounds (or at best, stayed the same)....any suggestions why? It can't be muscle gain, because I haven't changed my current routine (cardio 5 times a week, strength training twice a week).....and even on days where my eating isn't perfect, I know I'm eating a lot less than before.....

It's just frustrating....for about 3 weeks I've tried so hard and thought I was doing great.....any ideas on why I've gained the weight?

On a side note, this frustration is only more motivation, so I guess that's a good part of all of it.
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Hi Patel,

I have been there as well. A few years ago I was too embarrassed to go out with my friends because I was very self conscious about my appearance. It was sad that my outer appearance crept inside to the point that I felt damaged. This issue can be debilitating, but you have to remember that your outer appearance does not completely define you as a person. When you are ready to lose, you will, and once you see successful results I am sure your confidence will lift. Please take care and know that many of us have or are going through similar issues. You are not at all alone.
Not all who wander are lost.-JRR Tolkien
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Thumbs down 22...Looking for a Buddy

I am 22 years old, 5'7 and weigh about 200 pounds. My goal is to lose 73 pounds which would bring me down to around 120. I have not always been heavy and know that my weight is basically killing me. I am in a long term relationship but still have VERY low self esteem. There is not one day that goes by that I don't think about my weight and what I look like. I have been with my boyfriend for 4 years and know that we'll be getting married within the next 2. I want to lose weight for my wedding and feel good about myself once again. I'm looking for an email buddy to keep in touch with. Age doesn't matter, although I would prefer someone close. I check my email several times daily so would like someone who could keep up...anyone interested can email me at [email protected]
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