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Default clothing sizes: Old Navy vs Lane Bryant

So at Old Navy I'm a size 16 pants size. but at Lane Bryant I'm an 18. Isn't that a little weird? I always thought Lane Bryant was sized larger for some reason...

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I may give Old navy a try then. The tops always seemed really SMALL to me, even when I was smaller.
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I was always a smaller size at lane bryant than I was almost everywhere else.
at my HW, i was a 22/24 top at LB, and a 22 pant, but an 18/20 almost everywhere else. lane bryant always seemed to cater to girls with curves or pear shapes, and i'm an apple..thier clothes rarely fit me well or was very flattering, with the exception of the dresses.
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yeah i have found out that all places are different i have a size 20 jeans from lane bryant that fit and then i have a size 18 from there that just fit. the size 20 are not stretch either. then i have a size 16 from old navy and a size 14 from CJ banks and they all fit good.. i dont get pants at all..

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im the opposite. im a smaller size at lane bryant than in places like Old Navy and Steve and Barrys.
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I am like Kiss. I wear smaller sizes at Lane Bryant than Old Navy.
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I think things run larger at Lane Bryant, but I can't compare it much to Old Navy because I've never found a single thing there that really fit me.

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I feel like a lot of it is the shape. I'm a classic hourglass, so I will wear different sizes in different places, especially based on height of the waist.
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I cannot wear anything from Old Navy, it never fits right. I'm a very short pear and nothing there ever seems to work. When I was thinner I could get away with some of their kids clothes but now, nothing fits.
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In general I find that lane bryant runs larger then old navy. When I was a 14 in lane bryant I was like a 16 at old navy, however with old navy it also depends on what I am buying, I had a jean skirt and two pairs of jeans all size 16. The skirt was falling off, one of the jeans fit, and the other was too small, figure that out.
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I usually wear a 20 but today I bought three pair of jeans at Old Navy at a size 18. I don't know if it's the sizing or if I actually just dropped a size to an 18. Either way, I love Old Navy; it fits my style and they're so affordable. Three pair of jeans came to $50. One pair of jeans at Lane Bryant was $50! I never understood why stores that cater to plus sized women are so ridiculously expensive... Like they expect me to have extra money laying around since I obviously have enough to spend on food.
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I find Old Navy jeans especially unreliable in terms of size. Once upon a time (at a lower weight) I tried on a size 6 and a size 4, same style... the 4 was too big and the 6 was too small. No lie. I left the store immediately, and haven't bought pants at Old Navy ever again.

At my lowest weight I was in the 4/5/6/7 range... and yet I bought one skirt from Gap that was a size 1. Ok, maybe I bought it BECAUSE it was a size 1 and fit me, haha. I even paid regular price for the darn thing.
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I think old navy runs bigger as far as sizes are concerned. When I fit into a size 10 at old navy (I mean just fit, a little tight but not ridiculous)....I was a comfortable 12 everywhere else.
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To me, Old Navy has always seemed to be smaller and I can rarely find clothes there that fit. I usually just get bags and etc from ON.
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Well, I looked up the fitting guide for both Old Navy and Lane Bryant...and for pants, waist 36 and hip 44 is size 16 at Lane Bryant, whereas waist 37.75 and hip 47 is size 16 at Old Navy. Not sure how reliable that is but that's what their charts say. =)
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