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Default I have to have my tonsils out!

so yeah... I'll be 27 years old the end of this month... and five days later, they're going to take my tonsils out! I've never had surgery of any kind... never been under anesthesia... and have been hearing all kinds of horror stories about adult tonsillectomies...

has anyone else here had this done... past the age of say... 16? i'd love to hear your experience, good or bad, and any advice you might have for surviving what will apparently be the worst sore throat of my life!
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I had my tonsils out at 4...but I have had a surgery since then. When I was 17 I had my gallbladder removed. I think the tonsils (saying there are absolutely NO complications) is a day surgery thing. My brother (who's 17 now) had his out when he was 13. He went in for the surgery in the morning and left that evening. Recovery does suck though...you have to be very careful about what you eat...but your doc can help you with that.

Overall, it's a pretty simple procedure that should be no problem
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umm i was 2 so i dont really remember, but my mom told me i drank a lot of dr. pepper and the nurse kept coming in to make me drink more and by the 4th time of her waking me up i slapped her bwahahahaha. the sad part is i'm stll the same way when someone wakes me up. good luck tho and dont worry about it. chances are it wont be as bad as you think.
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I was 25- it sucked- my first and only surgery too- besides having labor and a baby. I'd rather have a baby any day- without medication- which I've done.
Anyhow- now that I've cheered you up I'm sure- my tips:

Do NOT forget a single dose of medicine. I slept through one the second day and was unable to drink/talk/swallow when I awoke.

A sippy cup for toddlers- get one! It hurts to drink at first, and the low flow is a lifesaver! This is the only way I was able to drink.

This is gross, but because I couldn't swallow I had to spit a lot. Get plenty of tissues.

A notebook and pen to write messages to your caregiver, in my case, hubby. After I missed that codeine dose I couldn't talk either.

Stay away from salt. Ouch!

A cell phone or telephone by the bed so you can page your caregiver. I couldn't yell for the hubby.

I think total recovery was about a month for me. Make sure you get plenty of recuperation time. I don't remember eating the first week. Best of luck! You'll be fine, just be sure to take care of yourself as I've said. Enjoy your birthday and get well soon!

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I will do this.
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I had mine out when I was 20 and I completely agree with FB

Don't forget ice cream!
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I was 21. My most important piece of advice is DO NOT STOP EATING. It really does help the process and will keep your throat feeling better. If I want for more that about 2 hours I was in absolute misery. If I kept eating every couple hours, something like mash potatoes or jellow, it kept the pain down. Moving your throat actually keeps it from hurting so much. Its like a massage for the area. I personally could not do anything cold like ice cream, it hurt really bad.
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I had mine done when I was 19 just 2 months shy of 20 and it SUCKED. The dr told me it would and man was he not lying. I had it done on the 10th of December and I still wasn't able to really eat anything till AFTER Christmas. A few things I remember him telling me was to stay AWAY from ice cream as much as I could. Go for more dairy free items like popsicles and icee's and all. Dairy will cause mucus to gather and basically does the same with the blood. Which brings me to another point. He told me I would bleed...however I didn't believe him till I about pissed my pants b/c i was so freaked out. I hadn't coughed or anything all of a sudden I am sitting in my recliner and my mouth is filled with this horrible tasting substance I get up and go to the bathroom sink...bend over no spitting no coughing no nothing just bent over and opened my mouth and blood poured out. Apparently this is perfectly normal...It just scares the poop outta you is all. Also don't be alarmed if you cough up scabby like things...also normal. I had tonsils and adenoids done at the same time. I'd never had any sort of trouble with either till that year and I got strep 6 times in not even 12months....so out with those crappy things. Ever since I've not had a problem again. THANK GOD! Good luck and like everyone has mentioned take the medicine. Ask if you can while you are there if you can get liquid medicine. Some won't but you can take your pills and submerge them in a lil sprite or water, or whatever beverage you choose and make a lil liquid yourself. It works better that way. Thats a trick I learned from my former roommate who is an RN going to school to be a DR.
Good luck dear!
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Thumbs down Tonsils out at 20

I had my tonsils out only 3 years ago. They have been begging me for years and I said **** no. I'm afraid of hospitals and I've never had a surgery. I went because I was losing a lot of sleep because of sleep apnea.

I was happy to get this procedure done for one reason and one reason alone. I went into the surgery weight 265. After my healing for 2 weeks. I came out at about 235. During the last week of me healing I ran into an old friend from high school I had a thing for. Ever since then we've been together.

The healing process however, i did not enjoy... i can't lie. Everytime I swalled it felt like sandpaper in the back of my throat. Jesus. Please stay away from dairy, its regularly a friend but not in this case.

I really ate a lot of fruit popsicles and things of that nature. After a while the cold will help to numb your throat. Whatever you do, dont talk unless you need to, its worth it not to. I wish you luck
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I was fifteen and remember eating lots of ice cream, it goes down pretty good. But for weight loss I would recommend sugar free popicles.
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I did not bleed at all.
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i had my tonsils out at 20 and the recovery was "rough" to say the least. i thought people were joking when they said having a c-section is more comfortable but i'd gladly welcome a c-section if that's the case. :lol i also had my adenoids out and turbinates in my nose cauterized so i was all sorts of messed up.

i took my meds regularly but it still hurt at times. i wasn't allowed to have anything red so it was a lot of white italian ices and ice for the first 2 weeks. after that, eating was still painful but i got to the point where i just didn't care to eat so i would take a nibble and be satisfied.

it took about 2 months to be fully recovered. obviously, the first few weeks were the worst and it gradually got better. towards the end of recovery i developed small ulcers around the scar site when i ate some foods but they cleared up withing 24 hrs or so.

good luck with your surgery, sorry if i scared you. if they offer you morphine in the hospital, take it!
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