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Default cheat meals

i've heard from several sources that is a good idea to give yourself weekly or bi-weekly "cheat" meals to fight off cravings and give yourself an additional incentive to be good all week. What do you guys think of cheat meals? Does anyone do this?
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I read from many posts that people are indeed doing this...and if you keep yourself from eating "cheat" meals or "favorite" but "bad" sncaks, then it will be very difficult to last for a long time on this journey...
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I do it. Once a week I treat myself to sushi. (I think I may cut that back to bi-weekly because it is a little expensive.)

I have to be careful though, since this can sometimes trigger the "what the ****--might as well write off the whole day and eat whatever I want" mentality and start me on a day of binging on junk. That usually only happens when I am tired/stressed, however.
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I will do this.
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I do. I allow myself one meal off a week.

However, I have noticed that these once "favorite" meals no longer taste same and also kinda make me sick - but serve a good reminder to why I eat the way I do now.
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I used to do this, but it would lead to a binge and I would just get myself sick so I had to stop. I just make sure to have a healthy version of all of my favorite foods.
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I'm having a treat meal every friday night, but it's a healthy home made version of my takeaway favourites, it helps an awful lot that I love cooking though.
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I allow myself a day off every week. I'll eat something I've been craving all week in the morning and then still eat clean the rest of the day...I just don't weigh and portion everything out. And just because you screwed up a little bit doesn't mean that your whole day has been wasted. We all screw up, just get yourself back on track and keep going...you're no less of a person for messing up for a moment.
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I have a cheat day/meal also. Because it's something I am looking forward to, it helps keep my cravings in check. Now that I'm more educated on what is in food I tend to make healthier choices even on cheat day.
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I don't like to refer to anything as "cheating".

Truly, if you're planning to have this meal (whatever it may be) it's not really cheating is it? Because you're planning it.

It's important that if you decide to plan these meals once a week, or once every other week that they still have rules attached. Really, the most important being that it's just going to be one meal. (As others have mentioned it's easy to fall into the "Who the heck cares, I'll just eat what I want for the next few meals, etc." mode.)

It certainly isn't for everyone. I do have special occasions where I'll plan to eat what I'd like, but I only do that once a month or so. I found that for me, it works out fine.

Try it out for a week. See how you react. Are you satisfied with one meal? Or do you suddenly crave more of the less nutritious foods for days following that meal? You'll figure out if it's for you or not.
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When I first started losing weight I would allow a cheat meal every week. Normally it was when I went to my moms on Sunday (before she moved). It helped me stay on track and remember I could incorperate all of my old favorites into my new lifestyle. I still do cheat meals but just not on a regular basis like before.
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last time
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I call them my "Free Meals" I have one per week! I couldnt do it without them. i look forward to and plan for my free meal. and i make sure its totally worth it.
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I have a cheat meal every week, generally Sunday's breakfast. The rest of the week I eat really well..I think you need to allow yourself that one day/meal.
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I won't lie, I allow myself Taco Bell every once in a while, because I looooove it. But it usually upsets my stomach after, so I'm not tempted to do it too often.
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I do because it helps me "hold off" til friday. so if monday i am craving naughty chinese take out...i say, ok, you can have that friday. If i am craving a big mac on wednesday...i say, ok, you can have that on friday. By the time friday rolls around...i have passed up at least 5 MAJOR cravings and i am usually not in the mood for any of it by friday...and like someone else said, even when i eat it...it just doesnt taste as good as i remembered it to...funny.
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I heard that you should give yourself a cheat meal once a week so you don't get those cravings and end up pigging out. I have said this before but they said to this on the biggest loser as one of the diet tips from Bob. They said they even give the people on the show a cheat meal once a week so it gives them motivation and something to look forward to.

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