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Unhappy Lost 42 lbs, but feel fatter than ever (self-image issues)

I'm still way off from my ultimate goal, but I've lost a healthy 42 lbs in 15 weeks since I started weight watchers.

I'm not complaining about that AT ALL. I know the importance of gradual weight loss, and making lifestyle changes to ensure it's permanent.

What I'm dealing with is more of an internal view that won't let me see myself any smaller than when i first started. I know i am - my scale, measuring tape, and warddrobe are evidence of this - but when I look at myself in the mirror, i see the same old tubby me (for a reference, i started out around a size 20 or 22, now i'm wearing a 16/17/18 depending on the store/brand).

Does anyone else deal with this issue? You'd think i would enjoy trying on clothes more now, but it's the opposite - it makes me feel even worse! I don't know why i'm feeling this way lately. 42 lbs just sounds SO drastic in my head, and i guess i just don't feel like it's reflecting back in the mirror.

Oh well. Maybe it will take a few more months for me to start to feel good. I'm certainly not on the verge of giving up or anything, i just, eh, want to start seeing myself the way everyone else is (i'm getting compliments/comments left and right from friends, coworkers, etc.). *sigh*
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One pound at a time!
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It does take awhile for us to be able see changes. Our mind is so used to seeing ourselves one way, that it takes awhile for our mind to see something different.
42 pounds is an amazing loss. When I lose 1 more pound (and have lost 30 pounds) I have something planned to help me realize just how much I've done. It's an idea stolen from the Biggest Loser show.
I'm going to put 30 pounds in a back pack and see how heavy it is. I'm going to put it on and step on the scale and remember what it was like to see that number. I'm going to go for a walk and feel the difference it makes.
It's easy for me think that I haven't really made a significant change. But I think feeling 30 pounds will make a difference. Maybe you would like to try this idea too? Feeling what 42 pounds feels like might be kind of shocking - it really is a lot of weight. Keep it up!
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never say never
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I think bethbeth had some good advice. Maybe you're just in a bit of a funk right now and this will pass? You've lost a lot of weight and done some hard work. That's quite and accomplishment!! I'm sure you're on the verge of noticing some really major changes in yourself if you haven't already. Awesome job!!
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I have the same problem mickey...I've lost 57 pounds and the act of shopping for clothes should be thrilling. I've gone from a size 18 to a 10 or 12, and I hate setting foot in a store. It's just so confusing now...I can't even find out what section to shop in, much less what looks good anymore.

But I'm told this will pass. Hopefully one good, productive shopping trip will help....

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I definitely have the same problem. I have always had body image issues, and I feel like i'm getting fatter and fatter the thinner i get right now. I've read many places that the body changes quicker than the mind can comprehend, and sometimes it can take months for the brain to catch up. This scares me, honestly, because i want to be happy and ready to bare-all this summer hehe, and i definitely don't think i can do it the way i think right now. Someone told me today that: "your ribs are sticking out of that shirt!" and I was thinking "good, maybe it'll distract from the FAT ROLL just below them". I'm worried i may not know when to stop losing, because I won't realize how small i really am.
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Not stopping at ANY cost
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I am also on weight watchers. Today marks 3 weeks completed and I lost 10 pounds. I originally was 260 and have worked my way down very slowly.

You are maybe still seeing yourself as tubby because you see yourself every day. Try getting a polaroid and taking pictures monthly or bi-monthy.
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Image isn't Character
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I still have that problem, everyone else sees one thing and I see the short little fat kid. I guess with me though there's a part of me that doesn't want to see me how everyone else sees me. I guess I'm worried I just might let myself go a lil bit if I start thinking like that, not want to work nearly as hard as I am and as I have (well, as we all have).
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congrats on the loss!

but yeah, I think it's just that the mind takes a while to catch up. I look in the mirror and actually think I look worse now than I did 30 pounds heavier. it depends on where it is disappearing from the most, too, I think. Like I lost 4 inches around the waist and I think it just makes my hips look bigger, rather than seeing it as a positive. ^_^ personally i find it helps me to avoid scales most of time, i weigh in only once a month but takes measurements every friday afternoon.

But anyway, you'll get past it in time, I'm sure.
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