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Question a little bit obsessed

I admit that I am obsessed with my scale. I weigh every morning and night and I record my numbers on a graph. It always flucuates day to day and it can be so depressing. I count calories and I eat 1450-1500 a day. Do the day to day numbers really count or should I just keep track of a weekly number, like weigh every Monday morning? How often should I be weighing myself?
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Ugh. I completely hear you. I'm obsessed too. I weigh in every time I go to the gym (and sometimes I go twice a day). There are daily fluctuations in your body which is why most experts suggest once a week. You're supposed to weigh yourself at the same time of day every week and count that difference. I'm working on that now. Hahaha. It's really hard. My goal this coming week is to go four days without weighing myself. Here's hoping I do it this time.
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I go through cycles where for a couple of weeks, I weigh myself every day, and for a couple of weeks, I weigh in just once a week, and sometimes even once a month. Although I only really "count" the once a week weigh-ins, I find I am more accountable when I weigh myself more often. Perhaps you should try weighing yourself once a week, but if you find you are going of your plan because you don't have to "check in" with the scale for a week, you may want to try something else. There is no objective right or wrong: only what works for you!

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I will do this.
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Once a week until you you have reached your goal wait.

And remember, this is a journey and a life-style and it not going to happen over night.

And don't be too hard on yourself - remember you are just human.
" This is not a diet, it's a life-style. This is not a race, it's one step at a time. This is not about next year, yesterday or tomorrow it's about today."

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I weigh in every day or close to every day. Any less, and I slip off track.

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I know experts say to weigh yourself once a week, but I'm too impatient for that. I weigh myself first thing in the morning every day. I also step on the scale several times throughout the day and the number is usually higher than that morning's number, but in my mind only the number from each morning "counts." So if the number the from morning to morning is somewhat consistent or even better, decreasing, then I know I'm doing ok for myself. I guess if you are graphing your numbers and your graph is showing an overall "downward trend" then you're doing ok.
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Only you can answer that!
Some people weigh daily, some people weigh weekly, some even do once a month. Last time I lost weight, I was a daily(actually- twice a day) weigher. I did morning, and before bed. It's 110% normal for weight to bounce ALL over the place, but it was hard for me to watch. And I obsessed. It wasn't a healthy thing for me. So, this time around I'm doing once a week- period. I get on every Monday morning, and that's the number I use. It's liberating I much prefer it this way. And, it's a bit more exciting to approach Monday to see how I've done!
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If it is depressing you, I personally would not get on every morning AND evening. Can you adjust it to just every morning? would that help you?

Obviously people do what they want/ feel they need to do, but scale hopping can be a slippery slope for some people... if I am feeling a bit weak/down/disappointed, then I just won't go on the scale for a bit. I find too that I forget about going on the scale if I haven't done it for a few days. At the moment I'm trying to just weigh once a week, but that certainly didn't happen this week.

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I agree with Renee, it's about what works for you, and what you're doing seems to be making you feel obsessed and maybe depressed. I found that daily weighing was overwhelming with the scale dependence, and realized that the number it showed me meant very little. This hit home after a week of horrible eating and no exercise, and I had a loss. Always nice to see a loss! But, my behavior was off. So I have recently begun focusing on behavior, not numbers. After all, it is my behavior that I want to change, and I hope that my body changes in response. But the numbers on the scale? They really don't matter! So meaningless!
Good luck! And if you want, there is a non-scale challenge in the challenge thread.

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just like they said, what works for you...if you can deal with the weight fluctuation then go ahead and do the same, if no...then just do it once a week...
i weight myself twice a day, from the day one, i find it hard to deal with it sometimes but i avoided the scale to much...

so really what works for you!
keep it going...

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I weight every day like you. At first I recorded every day, but now I only record it if I have gone down (even if it's just half a pound) on thedailyplate. I love looking at that graph! lol.

I found it best to weigh as soon as I get up, in the same type of clothes (or none at all), and right after I pee. The fiance thinks it's a little excessive and I tried only weighing once a week, but I just couldn't do it.
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Girl I'm obsessed too! I find it keeps me motivated as long as I can understand that normal small movements up and down are NORMAL and not a reason to fall off the wagon. This is just for me personally but I know when I'm not eating healthy and exercising that I avoide the scale like a 30 foot snake so it's a check for me too. Like the others say do what feels right for you. If it stresses you to weigh as much as you are then yeah you need to back off, but if you're okay with it then don't worry about it.
I do only change my recorded weight when I've weighed the same for two days - not sure how accurate this is but it's my check before changing.

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your not alone..I'm also obsessed with my scale..I would weigh myself when i wake up, after i eat every meal, before and after working out and before going to bed..After watching an episode of the Tyra show I do it less..But I'm still a bit obsessed.
"I refuse to give up control for convenience"
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I used to be like you and obsessed with my scale. When it goes down, I'm all great and happy but then when it goes up, I get all depressed and my self-esteem would hit the rock bottom. So I stopped doing it. At Curves, they weigh monthly...However, I think I may weigh and measure weekly so I can see the progress better. I am also doing TransFirmation DVD set at home and I get to weigh/measure after the first 10 workouts and I'm at 7 right now.
When I did WW, they do measure weekly...

If weighing daily is getting you depressed, it will be very hard on you, especially in a long run. . .
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here we go again
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Go ahead and weigh as often as you like, just realize that it would be incredibly bizarre if you didn't fluctuate. You're constantly either taking in nutrients or excreting waste, and different hormones will make your body react differently, which will cause your weight to go up and down. So obsessing because you went up a pound from 6 hours ago is really a waste of time, just pee and weigh again! Seriously, if you want to keep track of your progress using the scale and you want to look everyday keep track of your weight RANGE. If you find this week you're between 183 and 178, note that, and when you stop seeing 183 and start seeing 177, you know you've lost a pound (Except TOM, when if you're like me you'll have an extra few pounds show up for a week and a half or so.).
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