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britomart 04-25-2007 09:44 AM

Weekly planning thread, April 25-29
I don't see a planning thread floating around like we used to have, and I think in the interest of not cluttering the board we should have a weekly thing going for anyone who wants to plan or post for accountability. (This thread runs through Sunday, at which point someone can start up the next Monday-Sunday one.)

So, post if you either:
*stay OP better when you actually HAVE a plan
*want to post what you've eaten at the end of the day by way of accountability
*or, a little of both. :)

I also love watching the planning threads for meal and snack ideas...

britomart 04-25-2007 09:51 AM


B: mini-bagel w/light cream cheese, strawberries, coffee and milk.
L: tomato, basil, and cottage cheese on sourdough crispbread, baby carrots and hummus, kiwi
S: strawberries
D: going to Panera pre-night class. LF chicken noodle soup or tomato and mushroom soup, depending on what they offer tonight, and a 1/2 turkey sandwich or mediterranean vegetable sandwich. (Gotta love Panera for having nutritional info on their website... Some of their seemingly healthy food is *dangerous*.)
S: The apple I get with my Panera dinner

CookieMonster416 04-25-2007 10:30 AM

B: weight watcher's bage with light srawberry cream cheese, COFFEE!!!
L: lean hamburger patty, steamed green beans
S: danon yogurt, jello
D: turkey burger patty, big salad
S: apple, weighter watcher ice cream sundae cup

RememberHowToSmile 04-26-2007 10:02 PM

Good Idea Jamie. I don't know about other people but finals have been killing me and my planning. Meaning my body currently hates me becuase of the crap I've been putting into it. I have to start planning again.

Friday April 27, 2006

B: Corn Chex and Skim Milk
L: Chicken Soup with Wheat Crackers
D: Chicken tacos (Chicken, Corn Tortillas, Lettuce, FF Cheese, Salsa)
S: Rice Cake and Cool Whip; maybe something else

britomart 04-28-2007 07:31 PM

The last few days have thrown huge curve balls at me, hence the no planning... My resolution to plan has already failed! :/ But it was only temporary. The crap I've dealt with this past year has set me up with some major coping skills and so I'm just going to move forward....

B: scrambled egg (1, the cat knocked my plate on the floor before I could eat the other)
L: tuna salad on sourdough crispbread
D: potato and chickpea soup with italian sausage

(Not a great day it seems but I woke up with a stomach thing going on... So I couldn't really force myself to eat without feeling ill.)

Tomorrow's plan:
B: 1 egg, tomato, toast
S: strawberries
L: cottage cheese, basil, and tomato on sourdough crispbread, orange
S: carrots and hummus
D: tilapia, green beans, sweet potato

RememberHowToSmile 04-28-2007 11:41 PM

Today wasn't really that good for me either.

B: Waffle
S: Chocolate rice cake and cool whip
D: Chicken thigh, potato, brocolli
S: Corn Chex, Skim milk, carrots, ranch dip

2 Liters Water, 1 diet coke plus, 1 cup coffee

B: Corn Chex and Milk
L: ???
D: out for my sister's birthday - 6 oz Steak, Sweet potato, salad with ff dressing

I'm hoping they don't have the cake until Monday (her actual birthday) when I wont be around, however I probable have one drink while we are the casino (rum and diet coke).

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