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Default Music...

I have a question about what kind of music ya'll listen to when working out. I tend to like rock and pop and download the latest tunes onto my ipod; however, I have a membership to 24 hour fitness and take a lot of classes there. I always love the music and found the website where you can get the remixed fast tempo music but it's like $20 or more for a cd. I bought a j.lo vs. beyonce one for $12.95 on sale. I was wondering if any of you know of other places where i can get this premixed music made especially for aerobics classes. thanks in advance - liz

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Nine Inch Nails or any hard rock..Keeps me motivated for some reason.
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The Black eyed peas have some awesome tracks to get you pumping iron or keep pace doing cardio.
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Oh, man. I'm almost embarrassed by my workout mixes. They're... interesting. Since I'm too poor for an iPod, I bought a few CD-RWs and I re-record them every week or so to avoid boredom. The most recent mix included all of the following: Beck, Spoon, Electric Light Orchestra, Joy Division, Doobie Brothers, Oasis, OK Go, Wilco, Gang of Four, Everclear, M.I.A., Beastie Boys, David Bowie, Outkast, and Teenage Fanclub.

Unfortunately, I can't help you with the mixes you're looking for... maybe you should ask the kind folks at your gym where they get their music? Or make friends with someone who works there and surreptitiously slip them some blank CDs.
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fitpod.com has free music and they tell you the bpm (beats per minute) along with what type of activity it would go well with. in addition NikeWOMEN.COM has mixes that are 30 minutes long free for download. They have a new one each month. These are great and what I use for my workouts.

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and of course No Doubt!!!

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In preparation for my trip to Trinidad and Tobago a month ago, I listened to a lot of "soca" music - fast-paced dance-style music for Carnival with a great island/calypso undertone. You can (or could) get free downloads from socamonarch.com and other sites - great music if you're tired of the usual stuff, and definitely upbeat (and a little sexy!)

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Usually i just put on my favourites, depeche mode. Their music is very varieted but good for workout!
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being an electronic music dj helped me out a lot..honestly, the BEST music to get me going is either drum and bass or happy hardcore. now a days i prefer drum and bass. you can download a lot of mixed albums..some good ones i suggest are:
Dieselboy-system upgrade, the 6ixth session, the dungeonmasters guide.
Roni Size- ANYTHING.
the KillaBites series is really awesome too.

good luck on your search!

ps-you can try www.breakbeat.co.uk.. you can listen to songs and nine times out of 10, find them in your downloading progam.
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Cheerleading songs! They've got great beats and are fantastic to work out.

I also put a 'gag' song in there to make me laugh. So I have Seasme Stree on there, the song Sister Sufragette from Mary Poppins and so on in there. Every 5 or so songs they come on and make me crack up.

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There are a couple good podcasts that you can get for your ipod:

Drum & Bass Arena - podcast from breakbeat.co.uk which Cecillia mentioned. The dj's have really sexy English accents and the music is fast.

Podrunner - all kinds of different electronica at specific BPM's.

Rock Chalk Chick - I love soca too! I bet you had a blast in Trinidad! I've heard that it's off the hook - gives Rio a run for its money.

I also like to listen to various nerd rock - They Might Be Giants, Dead Milkmen, Violent Femmes... and reggae for stretching or just dancing around.
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stephie: where on nikewomen can you download music? I'm having trouble finding it.
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I love the new Justin Timberlake cd to do aerobics to while the tv is muted! Anything dance or pop!
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Depending on my moods I listen to two different types of music while working out. Some days it's hard rock like NIN, Orgy, Korn, Muse, etc. Other days I put in pop-ish danceable music like Black Eyed Peas, Kill Hannah, Gwen Stefani, Madonna, Shiny Toy Guns, Paul Oakenfold, etc.
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