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Funny, JOan...Frankie is 8 & Cadence is 4 & same thing....I don't get it either!! He likes it, and I think she just likes it by default. He loves those dumb little stuffed animal pokemon toys...does your son like them?? They seem to be the most popular, which surprises me because THEY ARE BOYS!!! you would think stuffed animals would be to girly/ young for them, but no. Frankie says all his friends bring them to school & that's what they do a recess. Weird, huh??

And isn't it great to have a husband who spends time with the kids?? We're very lucky, cause DH is home from work by 4pm, so he doesn't really miss anything. I remember my dad not gettinghome until around 7, and missing most of my games & stuff. Of course, there was a different view of fatherhood in the 70's, right??
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