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The only recipe I made up was the chicken and hot sauce. Everything else is stolen from the MF site....

"KFC" Chicken

Pulse one packet of crackers in the food process until fine (or a rolling pin over the packet would work too). Toast cracker crumbs lightly in 350 degree oven. Take crumbs out of oven and season to taste (garlic powder, salt, pepper). Dip chicken VERY lightly into Walden FF dressing of your choice, shake off excess. Press chicken into bread crumb mixture. Bake or broil as usual.

I'm gonna make this for a kicking snack! MMMMMMMM

1 package Vanilla shake
1 package MF eggs
1/4 tsp baking powder
1 tsp vanilla
1 packet Splenda

Add water to get a thin pancake batter consistency.

Heat a small non stick skillet with Pam (8 inch?). Pour in enough batter to coat bottom of the pan. Cook over medium heat until set. Then turn (I use a silicon spatula) and cook the other side for a minute. You may need to experiment with cooking temp/time. They cook fast - so be ready to flip them as soon as they set and take them up quickly after flipping.

Just made some and added a couple of cinnamon danish drops from capella in the batter and then drizzled them with the Walden Farms pancake syrup!!!!

Haven't tried this one yet...
Vanilla Cookies
2 packets of MF vanilla shake (or shake of your choice)
1 packet of splenda
1 tsp of baking powder (more than most, but really helps "puff" them up)
1 - 2 tsp vanilla extract
2 - 4 ounces of water

Mix dry ingredients with a wisk, then add the water slowly. Don't pour in all the water at once, add it slowly at first and then add more as needed. You want to get a "dough" that is the consistency of paste.

Spoon the cookies by tablespoonful onto parchment paper covered baking sheet (or spray baking sheet with cooking spray). You should get about 4 good size cookies or 6 medium size cookies.

Bake the cookies at 350 degrees for 8 minutes. I don't turn mine over or anything. For an extra kick you can sprinkle the tops with splenda and cinnamon for a "snickerdoodle" effect.
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