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I've noticed that petites seem to get a much greater selection in department stores too. It's frustrating when I'm shopping someplace new and pick something up that I think is cute only to discover that I've inadvertently wandered into petite town. Those lucky little ladies get their own section! It's not as extensive as Misses but seems larger (and way more stylish) than Women's. All three are better than shuffling through mounds of jeans hunting for an elusive "T" following your magic number.

Like most of the chicks here, I really do like being tall. I just accept that I have to take the good with the bad. One specific bad is that shopping sucks. Being plus sized was going to give me an aversion to it anyway, but requiring a seemingly impossible inseam makes matters worse. I'm hoping that hating shopping builds character and that I've ended up less materialistic than the kinds of girls that treat retail endeavors like a sport.
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