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I think I'm the tallest! YAY! 6'1" here. I'm 302 lbs right now (the start of my weight loss journey) and am in a 22/24 (22 pants).

I LOVE being tall... and I can't wait to be THINNER and tall b/c of all the new clothing choices out there. The worst thing about being tall is being FAT and tall... apparently, clothes stores don't realize that fat girls CAN be tall people too.

I hate shopping... the ONLY place I can find good-fitting pants (and even then, they're not "quite" tall enough) is Lane Bryant. I thank GOD for 3/4 length shirts, b/c I have yet to find a career button-up longsleeve shirt that I didn't have to roll the sleeves on because the sleeve didn't reach my wrist! I have large breasts, a long torso... and a ton of shirts fall much too short on me. It's awful.

So I will be glad when I lose the weight and have more choices of where to shop than just ONE store.

But yes, I agree---- being tall and broad helped me carry my weight and hide it better than other people. But, obviously, that's just the way it is. Even if I got SKINNY I would still be wearing queen size stockings b/c I'm just so tall. Even in a size 12 I was 200 pounds. I'm a large and tall woman. So I don't ever tell anyone my weight (except for you lovely ladies) b/c most people just hear a number and they don't take into account how much 6'1" worth of bones and body structure weighs!

One for every 5 pounds lost .......

Mini-Goal: Maid of Honor on 5/23/09 !!
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