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I know they said they do the hiring and that they don't hire fat that would elminate them from being counselors themselves. I paused when they said that, she said they can't hire fat counselors because the parents will think if they can't do it themselves, how can they do it for their children...something like that. So, they can't be counselors, but I found that part humorous that they were so big saying they can't hire fat people.

I loved Betty Sue because she was making the best of it. Instead of whining she was having a good time, trying to smile and keep going. And she got good results...I love a postitive attitude.

I am kind of rooting for the mother/daughter team, the one that the daughter had to literally drag her mother down the hill and they were last on that first challenge...what color are they? I am not good with remembering names, so it might take me awhile to remember all these colors But, I would love to see that mother make it to the end and walk proudly up and down that hill on her own...I always love that at the end where they do what they couldn't do on day one.

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