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This was first time watching the show as I rarely watch TV at all but decided to try to watch this and the question I have is this, someof those people lost a massive amount of weight in a week, is that normal and/or safe? The one guy lost 25 or 26 pounds. How is it possible to lose that much weight in a week and do it so that it's not detrimental to your health?

Apart from that it was pretty good I thought. The green team were definitely the right team to go. As someone else mentioned Jenni wa all over her father about his level of commitment but when all was said and done he hit the nail on the head; he had lost 19 lbs while she had dropped only 7 lbs.

I'm not sure I've chosen any one team as a favourite yet but that may change. All in all it was an entertaining two hours.

As for the Celine Dion and her song, she's Canadian but if you guys want her we'd be more than happy to give her to you. Take her, please...

My Weight Loss Progress

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