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I like Betti-Sue too. I went online prior to the show to read the profiles and picked my top 3 teams based on that. So here goes:

Betti-Sue & Ali (pink)
Paul & Kelly (yellow)
Maggie & Jen (purple)

Even after seeing the show I am happy with my choices. I was thinking the green team (Lynn & Jenni) and white team (newlyweds--don't remember their names) would be below the yellow line. I think the white team is next for two reasons--the husband is already complaining--and the previews from next week but they are not always as they seem.

It's hard for me to keep up with who is working with Bob and who is working with Jillian with all these different team colors. But I do distinctly remember the white team wanted Jillian and so did the pink. I loved that the husband from the white team said they didn't want Bob because they didn't "come here to breathe and relax". I knew he would eat his words. He can't even handle Jillian. I don't like that a few of them seem to think Jillian is better than Bob. Are they watching the same show?

Regarding what the green team looks like today...I wasn't suprised. If you look at the numbers--Lynn lost 19 at the ranch. Now he has lost a total of 30lbs which means he has lost an additional 11 lbs. Jenni has lost a total of 20lbs. She lost 7 at the ranch which means she has lost an additional 13lbs. So their weight loss is comparable. It seems they have both struggled. In comparison with other how they look today from previous seasons...not so good.

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