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It was a tossup for me, as I felt the camp counselors being young should have lost much more. But the dad nailed their coffin shut when he pretty much told the group to send them home and he would be fine with that. Yeah, he was ready. Don't know if it was more than he thought when he agreed to do it or what, maybe he said yes but never thought they'd really get to stay beyond the final interviews. But he put her in her place when they were packing and he told her not to forget who lost only 7 lbs and basically PUT them below the yellow line. Yep, that's right, can't argue w/the facts.

I like BettySue too! At first, I thought, oh no, she and Bob are gonna knock heads since they really wanted Jillian, but it worked out. I think I'm gonna really like her too - she's a real momma, you know what I mean? Reminds me of my nephews mil down in GA. She's always lively, happy, and will not hesitate to pull you aside and tell you where you've messed up - but she only means well and has a totally good heart. REAL person. Kind of would have been more interesting to see how she would have interacted / imploded with kim!

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