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I was rather disappointed that green team got voted off, though I don't feel sorry for Jenni at all. I was more sympathetic to the father, especially after weigh-in. She seemed more concerned about his progress than her own, and more concerned that he wasn't living up to HER expectations of him (I wouldn't really be too enthused about being there with that kind of partner, either).

For a 60 year old man, he did great losing was it 17 or 19 lbs? They also showed him working in the gym when no one else was - so we really don't know what he did or didn't do, just that his daughter didn't think he was doing enough (and I think her whining to the other players may have skewed their opinion of Lynn as well). Did she really work as hard as she could, or harder than the other women, or harder than her dad, or did she just think so? I would have liked to seem more of them on the show to get a better idea.

I think it was interesting that she still complained about her dad's efforts off the show as well. He's lost 30 lbs, and she 20. Those are good solid numbers, for them both, but they don't show her giving him much credit, only complaining about his level of commitment. He was obviously exercising regularly, but apparently not up to her expectations. Considering his results are pretty comparable to hers, I think it's an unfair judgement on her part. He's male and heavier so we could expect him to lose a little more than her a little faster (which he apparently did), but on the other hand he presumably has an aging body and metabolism which might offset that a little bit (but another reason he might legitimately not be able to exercise at her pace).
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