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Hi Ladies! Hope everyone started their new year off right! I didn't. I hate to admit it but went out to eat for all 3 of my meals on the 31st!!! This is nowhere near something I have done in the past 3 months...I tried to eat light..but I was nowhere near light at the end of the day. I have tried to correct myself by having 10 servings of water today and only ate some fruit for breakfast, slimfast shake a little later, and then a salad late afternoon. What a bummer this was as it is my first slip up. I'm disappointed and it doesn't feel belly still hurts. I'm avoiding the scale for a couple of days until I can see if the water is going to help me out. Still on schedule with gym and what not...but I can't believe I just had my first binge. Argh!

Flower - glad to hear you are feeling better...that cold has been going around down here and I had it for 10 was awful!

2BThin - the success stories are what keep us all motivated...I love to read them...even multiple times...they are one of the reasons I keep coming back...especially when someone posts new it!

Speaking of new photos...I posted one in my's not good quality as I had my dbf use my camera phone considering my real camera took a dump this week...sooo..that's all my Gator Glory...good news is those are thick sweat pants...but I'm down to a size 14 and was able to get to the Gap Outlet and get 3 pairs of pants to tide me over until I'm a which point I have a fairly good stash of those in my closet. to bed...hope my tummy feels better...yuck!

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