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Originally Posted by belleamiee View Post
Hey Ladies!!!

I hope you all had a Happy New Year!!!

I dont' know Nicole it may just happen! I am sure you guys saw that major dating site that did the free communication weekend. I am not putting hte name because I don't think I can...well anyway I was bored at work on Thursday..and yeah I wound up having to work at the last minute between Christmas and New Years and said what the heck. Well-- I met someone! How random. We have been chatting on line the past few days. Now I am setting alot of boundaries in my life so I am only persuing friendships at the moment but I have to say its just been fun!!!

And to your wine point. JenJen Ugh I think thats going to be the hardest thing to have to give up!!!! I also noticed too that our weight loss goals are similar. Are you going to be working any particular diet? I just signed up for Medifast.

I am so glad you guys found the post! I am really excited about this journey I am embarking on and to find other people whose journeys have all intersected with one another!

Feel free to share ideas or what you think might be helpful to share!

Good for you!!! Congrats! Have you met yet?
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