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lorelei..It's been a long long road for me. I started out 1/1/2000 at 250 lbs. I lost down to 188 lbs and then my personal life kind of derailed. Well, more than derailed. Infertility treatments, building a house, living with my inlaws, seperating from my husband, ect. I fought like **** to maintain for almost a year with little gains and losses here and there. Last year, when my ex husband and I seperated, I weighed close to 200 again. Since then, I have been battling the weight on top of all of the other changes in my life. Not been easy, but am not giving up. I am up to 215 now but on my way back down. I will get there.

So, to say that it's been a long road for me, is a joke. This January, will be 3 years from when I first started out. Seems like a really long time, which it is. But I've maintained most of that time, which is a hard thing to do, as we all know.

I intend on being at goal by New Years Eve this year, hopefully by my birthday in December. 3 yrs and at least 85 lbs less. Considering all, I think I've done really well. Many times I wanted to give up, and am sure I would be alot heavier than my heaviest. But somehow, I stopped it.
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