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I can do it !!!!
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Gator - - "a beach run" Oh man !!! So not fair. I'm all bundled up here freezing cold in OHIO.
That is awesome that you are doing so well ! I need to hear stories like yours, even though I'm slacking, I'm still inspired and will always have good intentions!
We cancelled our gym membership, so it's just what I have at home, which does include a weight bench, video tapes, and a recumbent bike heck we even have a leg press. I just can't get on the bike, I think I'm afraid.
I'm afraid I will only do 5 minutes and want to quit. I know the more I do it, the longer I can handle it.
My DH has been home on vacation over a week now and is going back to work on the 2nd. The kids go back to school on the 7th, and hopefully that week things will go back to normal around here.
Anyone feel free to smack me anytime, I know I need it !
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