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Lightbulb That's what I've come across, too

Originally Posted by funniegrrl View Post
There is only one specific species of hoodia that has been claimed to have appetite suppressant qualities: Hoodia gordonii. A product could say it has "hoodia" and contain another species, not this one.

There is no published research that shows that any company has been able to manufacture an effective drug based on hoodia gordonii. A few major pharm companies (such as Pfizer) have held the rights to make such a drug, but never found a way to do it.

Even if some "miracle" over-the-counter supplement claimed to have hoodia of any type, there is no guarantee that it would. Many many many many nutritional supplements are found, upon testing, that they contain little or none of the active ingredient they claim to have.

Yes, sadly, I'm not letting go yet, but all the research so far shows that no one has isolatedit properly (the thing that suppresses the appetite from that specific hoodia plant)...... however, I'm hoping that drug company returned the rights because they were going to make a prescription weight loss drug... I'm hoping there are one or two good over-the-counter ones out there, even if it's only one out of dozens of sham products..

;( oh, well....seems destiny we have to deal with out own powerful appetites on our own... but, I still can't help but hope/wonder... some of the companies have "certificates" stating it came from that plant, and other certificates saying an independent company rated their "pills" and that it was found to be hoodia or hoodia gordonii...?
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