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Default A year after diagnosis

PKalico--and others too!

I was so glad to log on after a while and find a new post. My endocrinologist keeps insisting this is NOT such a rare problem, so I'm surprised there haven't been more posts.

You comment that your period has not yet begun after a month on bromocriptine. If it is a help I would tell you that I am now a year post diagnosis and on bromocriptine. I have only begun to lose weight in the past three months, and it's noticeable, finally, including baggy clothes. Also, my period took about 4-5 months on the bromocriptine to approach normal. When I first went to the endocrinologist they emphasized that the weight loss would be difficult because even though I didn't gain weight due to overeating, it is still just as difficult for it to go away. Bromocriptine is not the magic diet pill many websites proclaim. My nails and hair and skin are also normal now. But my advice would be to expect this to be a slow process.

Please do write again and hope the MRI goes well.
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